Oracle Linux for SPARC on a T5240?

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Richard L. Hamilton

Apr 10, 2017, 5:35:33 PM4/10/17
So I read about Oracle Linux 6 update 7 for SPARC

The links on there don't seem to get me to the ISO, but hopefully the
following is it:

Now I don't happen to have a T5 or T7 (home user, not wealthy!), but I
do have a T5240. The older and even more experimental

runs ok in an LDOM on it (control LDOM Solaris 11.3, LDOM manager
whatever comes with that); but it does not have a feature I crave, the
ability to assign it multiple MAC addresses (on a single VNIC), since
I want to run an emulator (hercules) on it in a bridging
configuration. (Supposedly I could give it a 2nd VNIC, although how I
could use that VNIC if it was down so that the OS wouldn't use it, I'm
not sure.)

Anyone know whether:

* the 2nd link above is indeed the download for the 6u7 ISO?
(the file name in the link on that page sure looks right!)

* that version can be given multiple MAC addresses on a VNIC (in an LDOM)?
(I know that can be done with a Solaris 11.3 guest LDOM, I have one that
has an extra MAC for a zone)

* it can run (in a guest LDOM) on a T52x0, since that's what I have?

While it's not yet doing much, I'd rather not blow away my existing
LDOM (running the 3rd link above, plus any updates in its repo) just
as an experiment, and I don't have enough disk space (or RAM) to set
up another LDOM, so I'm hoping someone has an idea whether this would
work. (The alternative would be to back up the image of the existing
LDOM to another system with ample space, which would be slooow even
over GigE, and of course double slow if the experiment failed and I
had to restore that backup.)

Apologies for some of the odd newsgroups on the initial post, but
I suspect that most of the people that might know the answer are in
at least one of the seemingly less on-topic ones.

Lasik/PRK theme music:
"In the Hall of the Mountain King", from "Peer Gynt"
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