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Gerard Sweeney

Apr 14, 2020, 7:15:04 PM4/14/20
Wednesday 15 April 2020
Merry Xm(too late! Ed).. Happy New(Nope - too late Ed)... Happy Vale(Still
nope. Ed).. Happy Eas(And that's another nope. Ed)... Tch - alright, let's
try.... that Corona thing was a bast, eh? Thank goodness THAT'S all
over! (Ah
- no that's still very much happening. Ed). Oh, flip.

* Yes... As you might have noticed, it's been a LONG time since the last
update - about 6 months, in fact.. Basically - things were a tad(!!) quiet
on the old tip-sending front, so there had been no real rush for me to do
an update. And then a few weeks ago, lots of stuff appeared and kicked
me into

* Fixed an issue where tips for Escape were merged with Escape From Malagar.

* New stuff sent in by Stu made me spot a bug - erm a deliberate
test - in the perl script which stopped TAP files of type-ins from Smash
from appearing as downloads. It's only been that way since 2006 - so I
I should probably reveal my deliberate mistake now (Hmm. Ed).

* I added a cheat for Coliseum which was originally published in Micro
I also provided corrections and created a map for House of Lockerby, The
and a correction for Secret Of Little Hodcome, The... Yes - ME doing stuff
on adventure games - my family are looking for the pod under the bed!!

* Marko Rukonic sent in POKEs for Mushroom Man.

* Eugene Lisovy sent in corrected/additonal/new POKEs for Aquanoids
Redux Ed,
BC's Quest for Tires, Black Tiger, Che-Man, Dirty Dozer and
Nixy and the Seeds of Doom.

* Andy Ryals provided POKEs for Automated Cave Explorer,
Ernesto's Adventures and GlaZX.

* Andy Ford provided another bugfix for Jet Set Willy and additional POKEs
for Skool Daze. He also provided POKEs for Dynamite Dan,
Dynamite Dan II, Jet Set Willy - 12 Room Minigame and Knight Lore
and a cheat and POKEs for Perils of Willy, The.

* Chris Flynn provided POKEs for Dizzy.

* GoodBoy sent in a cheat for Gremlins 2: La Nueva Generacion.

* The singularly named Stu sent a nice batch of tips - corrections for
Barbarian: The Ultimate Warrior and Trap Door, The, as well as pointing
out YS boobed by reprinting a hack for Trap Door, The as
Through The Trap Door - tch, eh? Still on corrections, he sent in 2 hacks
for Gyron - one is a correction for Crash's attempt at a correction to a
previously published type-in, and another is an improved version of it. He
also sent in cheats for Championship Jet Ski Simulator,
Grand Prix Simulator, Grand Prix Simulator 2, Impossaball and
Operation Gunship and finally a tip for Predator.

* Gareth Pitchford provided a correction to the solution for Apprentice,
and Radiomania.

* Eq provided corrections to the solutions for Celtic Carnage,
Golden Pyramid, The, Quann Tulla, Radiomania (another correction),
and Search for the Nether Regions. He also provided partial corrections to
the solution for Castle Adventure - the solution isn't completely working,
though - so all help appreciated!

* Matthew Logue answered a plea for HAYLP, by providing a hack and POKE for

* Pgyuri sent in a hack for Gorgon, a bugfix for Maze Death Race and
also answered the plea by providing POKEs for Netherworld.

* Alessandro Grussu provided a solution for
House on the other side of the Storm.

* Graham "Turbo" Mason sent in POKEs for Alone in Dark Maze, Drift!,
Dungeons of GOMILANDIA, Mantra Kill, Qfed Trip, Robos,
Space Monsters Meet THE HARDY, Valley of Rains, Yanga and Yazzie.

* I've rejigged how Tipshop uses RZX Archive links - so hopefully it'll be
slightly less maintenance next time I leave it 6 months for an update
(Or - erm - just don't leave it 6 months next time? Ed)

* Speaking of - added new RZX entries for:
Adventure E: Golden Apple, Adventure G: Ground Zero,
Agatha's Folly, All Present and Correct, Alone in Dark Maze,
Amulet Of Darath, The, Antartida, April 7th,
Arnold the Adventurer II, Arnold the Adventurer, Astro Blaster,
Aunt Velma Is Coming to Tea, Automated Cave Explorer,
Aztec Assault, Bandito, Banka, Beast, The,
Black & White (Demo), Boby a jeho pan na pohadkovem ostrove,
Bony a klid po slovensky, Brian and the Dishonest Politician,
Bride of Frankenstein, Bruce Lee RX, Calling, The,
Challenge of Iythus, The, Che-Man, Colonos ZX, Coloristic,
Crystals of Kings, Curse of Nimue, Curse Of Trasmoz, The,
Dark Strengths, Desmond and Gertrude, Diamond Man,
Dirty Dozer, Dungeon Romp, A, Dungeons of GOMILANDIA,
Eight Feet Under, First Past the Post,
Get Me to the Church on Time!, Glasgow Murder, A, Gnoni 2020,
Hair-Raising Adventures of Mr Hair, The, Hero for Sorania, A,
Hollow, The, Hospital, The, In Search Of Angels,
Indiana Jones 5 - Kletba faraonu, Jet Set Mini SE,
Jet Set Willy - 12 Room Minigame, Jungle Queen,
Knights & Demons 2, Kobyashi Ag'Kwo, Krack Through,
Larry the Lemming's Urge for Extinction,
Legend of the Frog Prince, The,
Madam Blavskja's Carnival Macabre 48K Edition, Mage Rage,
Man About the House, Mantra Kill, Maze, The,
Merry Christmas From Horace, Microfair Madness, Molemania,
Moon and The Pirates, Murder at Hamilton Halls,
Murder Off Miami, Nave, Nervos This Position, Netherworld,
Nixy and the Seeds of Doom, Order of Sleeping Dragon, The,
Ostrov pokladu, P.H.A.R.T., Papyrus, Peplum,
Podraz 5, Poklad tajemneho hradu, Pre-ZU, Puszka Pandory,
Quann Tulla, Quest For Elements, Quest for the Holy Snail, The,
Raymond Pringle's Quest for the Fabled Jar of Pickled Cabbage,
Retarded Creatures And Caverns, Reverse Pong, Rhyme Cryme,
Robin of Sherlock, RoboBro Episode 1, Robo-Stalker, Rygar,
Sam's Un-Excellent Adventure, Search for the Nether Regions,
Search for the Wonderful Whotsit, Shoe People, The,
Skint Willy, Smoulove, Snow Joke!, Sochi Nights,
Space Monsters Meet THE HARDY, Sprouty, Sqij'd,
Star Flaws, Still Stealin', Super Mario Bros. 128K,
Survivors, Tales of Mathematica, The, Tetris 2019,
There's a Hole in Your Bucket, Twice Shy, UFO,
Valley of Rains, Venusian Invaders, Willy the Rogue,
Yanga, Yazzie and ZHL.

* Still on RZX Archve - added YouTube videos for existing entries for:
1994 - Ten Years After, Alpha-Beth, Earthbound,
Exodus (Minigame Version), Mines of Saturn, Question of Scruples, A,
Rod-Land, Sherlock Holmes: A Matter of Evil and Vade Retro.
There were more added - but I forgot to note them down before I
processed them
a little while ago (Clod! Ed).

* PHEW! Hopefully that's everything, and I didn't mess too much up!
Get sending the tips in, please - otherwise it'll be another 6 months,

Gerard Sweeney
Hackers Anonymous/Team Amiga

A project that's as deliverable as wireless UPS units.
(BOFH, 07/04/06)
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