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Gerard Sweeney

Jan 2, 2021, 3:11:33 PMJan 2
Saturday 02 January 2021
Happy New Year, Spec Chums! I was hoping to do this update for Xmas -
but difficulties involving fermented apples got in the way (hic!)

* It's been a very quiet couple of months in terms of new tips - but an
update is an update!
If anyone has any tips/POKEs/cheats/maps - you know where I am!

* Martin Moller Skarbiniks Pedersen contacted me to let me know that a
couple of links
for maps weren't working properly. I did a little checking, and found
I'd copy/pasted the same
broken HTML (what a gibbon. Ed). For a full month. Oops! (What a
consistent gibbon. Ed).
So - I've fixed the links for maps and/or RZX links for Antiquity Jones,
Castlevania: Spectral Interlude, Fucked Internet Trilogy, The,
Henry`s Hoard, Holy Shit!!!, Ian`s Night Out,
Jack Charlton`s Match Fishing, Jet Set Willy, Jet Set Willy 64,
Jet Set Willy: The DrUnKeN mAsTeR!!!, Jet-Set Willy Ivy, Knightmare,
Little Dragon 2, Maria on Tour, Maria vs. Some Bastards,
Maria`s Revenge, Maritrini, Freelance Monster Slayer, Monstrum!,
Mr Top Hat, Party Willy - Special Edition, Skint Willy,
Solitaire, Soul Miner, Spaceman Willy, Still Stealin`,
strangel, Time Hole, The, Utility Cubicles, The, Vade Retro,
Warlock, What Willy Did Next, where`s woody?,
Willy - The Man Who Sold the World!, Willy and the Dodecahedron,
Willy Comes Home, Willy in the Islands of Mystery - Part 1: Exploration,
Willy Takes a Trip, Willy the Rogue, Willy`s Hoard,
Willy`s New Mansion, Winer Milly, Zodiac Strip and Zodiac Strip 2.

* Martin also sent in hacks and POKEs for 4K Race Refueled and splATTR
and POKEs
for Anteater.

* Eq let me know we had a rogue C64 only solution for Miser, The - this
has been removed.
He also provided a map and solution for Soho Mission.

* Alessandro Grussu sent in a solution for Last Night In The Office.

* Andy Ford sent in POKEs for Everyone's A Wally and Pyramid, The.

* Andy Ryals sent in POKEs for Mire Mare.

* Bob Collins sent in a map for Ticket to Ride, A.

* It seems the RZX Archive has been a lot(!) busier than Tipshop - added
entries for (Deep breath!!)
10X10, 20 Tons, Adventure, Adventures In The Lost Valley,
Alchemist II - The Dungeons, Alien Planet, Ankh-Morpork,
Archeomania, Arnold the Adventurer III, Assassin's Guild, The,
Astrocop, Atlantis Adventure, Avoir, Ball, The,
Base, The, Bat Boy, BBC Mastermind, Beautiful Dreamer,
Behind Closed Doors 5, Behind Closed Doors 6, Billy's Quest,
Blade the Warrior, Bob the Blob, Bob's Full House,
Bomb Munchies, Bombare, Booze Up, Border Harrier,
Bot Floater, Brian the Bold, Brook the Barbarian,
Bullet Storm, Bungo's Quest For Gold, Burlish Adventure,
Captain Gopher, Cards, Castle Eerie, Castle Morcan,
Castle of the Skull Lord, Castle Thade Revisited, Castle Thade,
Castle Warlock, Caves of Skull, The, Changeling, The,
Cheril in the Bosque en Otro Bosque, Cherry Challenge,
Christmas Trivia Quiz, The, Circus, Le, Claws of Despair,
Clerics Quest, Cluedo, Clutches of the Balrog,
Cobra di Cristallo, Il, CODE-112, Computer Killer,
Con-Quest, Countdown, Countdown, Crash Landing, Crom,
Crown, The, Crystal Frog, The, Crystals of Doom,
Curse of Shaleth, The, Curse of the Serpent's Eye, Curse, The,
Cursed Skull, A, Custard Pie, Dances with Bunny Rabbits,
Danger! Adventurer at Work! 2, Danger! Adventurer At Work!,
Danterrifik II, Day Trip, Deadly Labyrinth of Lord Xyrx,
Death or Glory, Delron, Demoniada, Desperado,
Destruction of the Galactic Empire, The, Devil's Hand, The,
Devil's Island, Diamond Trail, Dick Turpin,
Dildo and the Dark Lord, Dining, Doctor Goo and the Samorons,
Doctor Goo, Dodo and Damn, Dome Trooper,
Doomsday Papers, The, Dorado, El, Dragon of Notacare, The,
Dunshalt Donut, The, Easy Peasy Adventure, Elevator,
Eleventh Hour, The, Envelope, The, Escape from Devil's Island,
Escape from Malagar, Escape from Sylon 6, Eurodroid,
Every Second Counts, Father of Darkness, Feuerfaust, Die,
Final Battle, The, Firelance, Forgotten City,
Fortress of Keler, Four Symbols, The, Fourth Dimension, The,
Fun School 4 for 5-7 Year Olds, Fun School 4 for 7-11 Year Olds,
Fuseman, Gerbil Riot of '67, The, Ghastly Getaway Dizzy,
Ghoulies, Go West Young Man, God Save The Punk,
Going Critical, Golden Arrow, The,
Golden Figures Of Death, The, Goldseeker, Goldwood, GOR,
Grimalkin 128K, Grimwold's Big Adventure, Heli-Maths,
HELL YEAH!, Hounds of Hell, House of Many Games, The,
House out of Town, Hunchy, Immortality Rules OK!,
In Search of the Lost Valley, Intruder Alert, Investigations,
Island of Chaos, Ivan Turkjeff: L'Oro dello Zar,
Jackpot Fruit Machine, Jason and the Golden Fleece,
Jersey Quest, Jewels of Honour, The, Jhothamia 6,
Jock and the Beanstalk, Jolly Duplicator,
Jolly Jack's Run Ashore, Journey to Death, Kaa's Kingdom,
Keeper, The, King Otto's Quest, Kolobok, Krpat,
Labarinth, Land Beyond Time, The, Last Believer, The,
Last Train to Tranz-Central, Leo Wanker's Quest, Lightcycle,
Lords of Magic, Lost City, The, Lost Gnomes, The,
Lost in Space, Lost in the Amazon, Lost Orb, The,
Lost Ruby, The, Magic Castle, Magician's Apprentice, A,
Magus, Malice in Blunderland, Malice in Blunderland,
Malice in Wonderland, Manor of Doom, Marie Celeste,
Mark Gets Sucked In, Marsmare: Alienation, Master Mind,
Mastermind, Mastermind, Mastermind, Masterminde,
Maze Chase, Maze, 3D, Merlin, Merlock the Mede,
Midsummer Days Dream, A, Million Dollar Great Jewel Heist, The,
Mindbender, Mire Mare, Mission on Mars, Molesworth,
Monopoly, Monster Mine, Monster, Moonquake,
Moreby Jewels, The, Motorcycle Crazy,
Mr Patrick Tovey's World of Squares, Mundo Magico, El, Murder,
Mysterious Fairground, Nameless One, The, Necronomycon, The,
Nemo's Island, Nevermore, Nigel Stevenson: La Legge di Thorus,
Nightmare, Noah, Nosferatu: Quest for the Vampire,
O Zone, The, Ogerox, Operation Berlin,
Operation Nightingale, Operation Stallion, Orb Quest,
Orc Slayer, Orson Powell: Lycanthropus, Overdog,
Paradise Connection, The, Parole, Pathfinder,
Pentacle, The, Pets vs Aliens Prologue,
Picture of Innocence, A, Pirate Gold, Plagues of Egypt, The,
PlanetQuest, Platforming Prodigy, Polearn, Pontoon,
Prehistoric Adventure, Pre-history, Prelude, Princesa, La,
Prisoner, The, Prisoner, The, Prisoner, The, Quadrajoin,
Quest for the Poorly Snail, Raiders of the Lost Tomb,
Ralph on Alpha 2, Rampage, Randomator,
Randy Warner and the Aztec Idol, Raven, The, Realm, The,
Red Lion, The, Redbeard's Treasure, Reliquia, La,
Rescue from Doom, Restless Andre, Return To Ithaca,
Revenge of the Space Pirates, Rings of Merlin, The, Robo-City,
Robyn Hode, Rocky Roads and Divots, Rogue Comet,
Rouge Midget, Rudolf Rescues Xmas, Run!, S.T.I.,
Scoop, Semi-detached at the End of the Street, The,
Serendipity, Settlement XIII, Shipwreck, Shore Leave,
Slack Bladder, Sleepin' Again, Solvaldol-X,
Sorcerer's Apprentice, Space Detective II: Home Run,
Space Detective, Space Journey, Spectre of Castle Coris, The,
Sphere of Q'li, Spore, The, Springbot - Mars Attack!,
Spyplane, Staff of Zaranol, The, Star Crystal,
Star Reporter, Starcrash, Street Fighter II, Survival,
Talisman of Lost Souls, Temple, The, Terror from Sarnath,
Theatre of Death, The, Thief in the Night, A, Thief's Tale, A,
Tiempos de Magia, Tiki Temple, Time Lords Amulet, The,
Time Quest, Tizpan, Lord of the Jungle, Total Reality Delusion,
Tower of Despair, Trashman - Crisis Time, Treasure,
Trick or Troll?, Trixie's Quest, Tut-Tut,
Twelve Days of Christmas, The,
Twenty Four Hour Parsley People: Cocoa 2, Underworld - The Village,
V - The Silver Saucer, Vampire, Vectornauts, The, Virus,
Wakemare, War-Lord, Where Is Zeus?, Whistle,
White Jaguar, Wizard's Lair, Wizard's Orb, The,
Wizard's Warrior, Wonderful Dizzy, WOOT! The COVID Chronicle,
Word Hunt, Worse Things Happen At Sea, Wychwood,
Yellow Door, The, Yoyo's Great Adventure, Zacaron Mystery, The,
Zepherus, Zoe's Adventure, Zogan's Revenge, ZX Digger 1,
ZX Mastermind and ZX-Word, The. Blimey, Charlie!!


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