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Gerard Sweeney

Oct 24, 2020, 6:45:11 PM10/24/20
Saturday 24 October 2020
Hopefully it won't be another 6 months, he said. Joke about Corona still
going, he said. Oh, blimey!

* Yes, it's been another 6 months since the last update. Mostly due to
me being busy doing other things.
And not being able to edit the site - more on that in a minute!

* Firstly - MASSIVE amounts of thanks to Lee Fogarty and David Lodge for
getting Tipshop back up and running.
Twice. When the site was moved, the shift to a different DB setup broke
all of the scripts that Tipshop runs on.
Lee put me in touch with David - who very kindly got me back up and
running. Then a few months later, I realised
I hadn't asked him to fix the scripts that let me edit anything. Ho hum.

* Secondly - a significant credit correct is needed here.. One missed
since day 1 - Richard Koerber.
Back in 1996, Richard's ZXAM POKE Guide on the Amiga was one of the
sources of my Amiga POKE Guide called
Hack Attack III (I added my own POKEs, as well as transcribing ones from
YS and Crash).
When I converted this to the Hack Attack III website, I forgot to add
his name to the credits page.
That mistake then continued onto Tipshop. So - a mere 20 years later,
this has been rectified.
Apologies to Richard for this long-standing omission.

* Another historical correction... Eq had noticed that a couple of
solutions seemed to be missing
characters. I did some digging, and discovered that they were ones with
text like
<Door opens>.. Yes, I hadn't changed them from straight "<" to their
HTML coding.
So Tipshop was trying to use anything between the < and > as HTML. Lawks.
Some SQL scraping scripting and manual corrections followed, and
hopefully I've caught them all:
3D Construction Kit, Acheton, Adventure 200,
Adventure H: Robin Hood, Amulet, The, Assassin's Guild, The,
Axe of Kolt, The, Aztec: Hunt for the Sun-God, Book of the Dead,
Bounty Hunter, The, Case of the Beheaded Smuggler, The,
Castle of the Skull Lord, Crack City, Falcon: The Renegade Lord,
Feuerfaust, Die, Fighting Warrior, Golden Chalice, The,
Gunpowder, Treason and Plot, Holiday to Remember, A,
Howard the Duck, Inspector Flukeit, Jade Necklace, The, Jaws,
Journey, The, Magus, Malice in Wonderland, Marie Celeste,
Mindfighter, Miser, The, Monty Python's Flying Circus,
Moonscape - Escape from the Moon, One of our Wombats is Missing,
Perseus, Philosopher's Quest, Radiomania, Rasterscan,
Rescate Atlantida, Rigel's Revenge, Rocket Man Mike,
Secret of Little Hodcome, The, Seven Parchments of Kandos, The,
Spiro Legacy, The, Subterranean Stryker, Taxman Cometh, The,
Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles, Turrican II, War-Lord,
Where Is Zeus? and Who is Gordon Bennet?.

* Andy Robinson sent in a flipping massive 14 page ODT document of tips for
Rebelstar. Hopefully I've converted it to HTML properly. If not,
let me know!

* Eq provided corrections for Bermuda Triangle, The, Blob Quest,
Civil Service II, Dreamare, Escape from Magic, Fisher King, The,
Jade Stone, The, Lightmare, Loose Ends, Magic Isle, The,
Mummy's Crypt, The, Murder Mystery Weekend, Norman's Lament,
Oppressed Land, The, Stranded, Thirty-Nine Steps, The.
He also provided a bug report for Lost in Wales; a hack for
In Search of the Holy Grant Cheque; maps for In the Loft,
Legend of Craldons Creek, The, Lost in Wales,
Manor Murder Case, The, Maze Machine, Missing Princess, The,
Murder, Mystery, Time Watch, Winter Term and Zoo Hero!!;
partial solution for Time Watch; solutions for In the Loft,
Legend of Craldons Creek, The, Lost in Wales, Manor Murder Case, The,
Missing Princess, The, Murder, Mystery, Oh Shit!, Winter Term
and Zoo Hero!! and tips for Oh Shit!.

* Gareth Pitchford provided a correction for Ellisnore Diamond, The,
Laskar's Return, Life of a Lone Electron, The, Loose Ends,
Murder Mystery Weekend, Oppressed Land, The, Se-Kaa Of Assiah,
Silverwolf, Unborn One, The.

* John "Zenobi" Wilson provided a correction for Mission X, Oppressed
Land, The

* Andy Ford provided additional POKEs for Chuckie Egg, Hobbit, The, and
Manic Miner and new POKEs for Classic Invaders, Daley Thompson's Supertest,
Manic Miner 2020 Special Edition, Maze Death Rally-X and Technician Ted

* Archie Robins sent in additional POKEs for Dark, The,
Metal Man Remixed and Stela; Correction for a typo I made in
transcribing the decimal POKEs for Bobby Carrot; tips for
Sword of Ianna, The; and new POKEs for [deep breath]
Adventures Of Jane Jelly - The Treasure Of Zedin, The,
Amazing Rocketeer, The, Astro Blaster, Astronaut Labyrinth,
Baby Monkey Alba, Birdy Cantabile, Black & White, Black Horse,
Bomb Munchies, Bonnie, Clyde, Bouncing Bomb,
Cheesy Chase - Moritz, the Mildewed Moon,
Cheril in the Bosque en Otro Bosque, Cheril of the Bosque,
Colonos ZX, Comeme El Chip, Curse Of Trasmoz, The, Dead Zone,
Devil's Quest, Elfin Wars 2, The, Elfin Wars, The,
Farmer Jack - Treasure Trove, Federation Z, Final Fight,
Gimmick Yumetaro Odyssey, Godkiller - New Timeline Edition,
Godkiller 2 - Exile - New Timeline Edition, Impossabubble,
Incredible Shrinking Professor, The, Just A Gal, Knights & Demons 2,
Laetitia, Lost Treasures Of Tulum, The, Lovecraft Mythos,
Magical Tower Adventure, Manic Pietro, Metal Man Reloaded,
Metal Man, Mighty Final Fight, Mike The Guitar - The Shooter,
Mister Kung-Fu, Moritz On The Autobahn, Moritz Strikes Back,
Moritz The Striker, Moritz, Ninjakul in the AUIC Temple,
Nixy, the Seeds of Doom, O-Eyes, Old Tower,
Order of Sleeping Dragon, The, Paintball 2048,
Pink Pills: Manic Moritz, the Meds, Quahappy, Redshift,
Road Trippin', Rodman, Springbot, Stranded 2.5, Stronghold,
UFO, Vampire Vengeance, Wudang,
Xelda 1: Quest for the Golden Apple, Xyzolog, Yazzie,
Zblast SD+, Zukinox, ZXombies! and ZXombies: Dead Flesh (PHEW!).

* Martin Møller Skarbiniks Pedersen spotted a typo I'd made transcribing
a type-in hack for Joe Blade II from YS issue 38.

* Pgyuri sent in POKEs/hacks for Galactic Trooper; POKEs for Xcel and
hacks for Gorgon.

* Andrew Cunningham provided a POKE for Elite.

* Bob Collins provided a map for Inspector Flukeit.

* GoodBoy provided a tip for Starquake.

* Luzie provided a POKE for Antics.

* Dion Guy - unlike me - did something productive during lockdown, and
decided to learn Z80 so he could hack some of his favourite games.
He's sent in POKEs for Empire Fights Back, The, Eric & the Floaters,
Farmer Jack - Treasure Trove, Gobbleman, Icicle Works,
Jack, the Beanstalk, Pyramid, The, Software Star,
Transversion, Trap Door, The and Wild Bunch, The.

* Micronaught provided POKEs for Rock 'n' Roll.

* SuchSoft provided POKEs for Ninja Massacre.

* Jeremy Smith provided POKEs for Dun Darach.

* Added RZX Archive links for [deep breath]
Ad Lunam Plus, After 45, Alcatraz Harry,
Arrow of Death Part 1, Arrow of Death Part 2, Arthur,
Atoms, Babylon 5, Basque Terrorists Loose in Dartford,
Beginning of the End, Behind the Lines, Behold Atlantis,
Beneath Folly, Bermuda Triangle, The, Beyond El Dorado,
Big Joy, Biohell, Black & White, Black Knight, The,
Black Tower, Blob Quest, BlockZ, Bonnie and Clyde,
Boulder-Dash 512b, Bounty Hunter, The,
Bubble Bobble - The Adventure, Case of the Mixed-Up Shymer, The,
Castlemaze Adventure, Chips Are Forever, Church of Death,
Citadel, The, City oh City, Civil Service II,
Civil Service, Cocoa and the Time Machine, COLOCO,
Conman the Barbaric, Corey Coolbrew, Corona Capers,
Corporal Stone, Countdown, Crack City, Crown Jewels, The,
Crystal of Chantie, The, Cuddles, Curse of Calutha,
Cursed Be The City, Dandy, Danterrifik, Dargonscrypt,
Dark Sky over Paradise, Dead End, Deadly Mission,
Devils Sceptre, Diablo!, Die Hard II, Dizzy & ZX,
Double Agent, Dragon-Quest, Dreamare, Electric House,
Enchanted Cottage, The, Encounter, Encyclopaedia Galactica,
Escape from Magic, Fervor, Fisher King, The,
Forgotten Island, Forgotten Past, The, Franto, Franto,
Generacio Digital: The Video Game, Godkiller - New Timeline Edition,
Godkiller 2 - Exile - New Timeline Edition, Gods of War, The,
Gold Idol, The, Gone Missin', Green Death, The, Greyfell,
Grid Word, Guardian, The, Hammer Of Grimmold, The, Hares,
Helm, The, Hoarder, The, Hobble Hunter, The,
Honba za klasakom, Horrorscope, Impact!, In the Loft,
Inner Lakes, The, Jack and the Beanstalk,
Jack and the Beanstalk, Jack in Magicland, Jade Necklace, The,
Jade Stone, The, Jester's Jaunt, Johnny M,
Journey to the Centre of the Earth, Kemshu, Kidnapped,
Labour Pains, Labyrinth, Laskar's Crystals,
Laskar's Return, Legacy for Alaric, A, Legacy,
Legacy, The, Legacy, The, Legend of Craldons Creek, The,
Life of a Lone Electron, The, Lost in Time, Lost in Wales,
Lost Temple, The, Magenta Jim & The Coins of Doom,
Magic Isle, The, MagicAble, Magma Man, Mandanga,
Mandroid, Mango Jones, Manic Miner 2020 - Special Edition,
Mansion Quest, Mantis 1, Mantis 2, Marooned,
Marsport, Master Brain, Matchmaker,
Mbunekam: Withdrawal Syndrome, Meltdown, Menagerie, The,
Methyhel - The Special Edition, Mines of Lithiad, The,
Missile Command Base, Missing: 007, Missing: World of Spectrum,
Moon Ranger, Morgan's Seal, Moritz the Striker, Moron,
Murder Hunt II, Murder, Mystery, Murder, The,
Mutant Arachnid, Mutant, Mutiny!, Mystery Manor,
Mystery Of Maud Manor, The, Nemesis II, Norman's Lament,
Number 6 in the Village, Oh Shit!, On the Road,
Oppressed Land, The, Out of the Limelight,
Pen And The Dark, The, Perseus, Pete Bog, Phoenix,
Plutoniya, Princezna, Project Nova, Prophecy, The,
Pyramid, Quest for the Power Rod, Rat-A-Tat, Red Alert,
Return of the Warrior, Ring Quest, Road Trippin',
Ronnie Goes to Hollywood, Rygar - Legendary Warrior,
Sandman Cometh, The, Save the World Theme Park, School Report,
Seaside Sorcery, Se-Kaa Of Assiah, Serpentine Tale, A,
Shellshock, Sin Instrucciones, Snow Queen, The, Soap Land,
Soccer Cup Quizmaster, Soul Hunter, The,
Special Christmas Adventure, A, Spectre of Booballyhoo, The,
Spellcaster, Spider Mami, Staff of Power, The, Stalker,
Super Advanced Lawnmower Simulator Adventure 2: The Sequel,
Super Mario Bros. COVID-19 Edition, Tears of the Moon, The,
Teenage Emergency, Theme Park U.S.A.,
There's a Bomb Under Parliament, Theseus and the Minotaur,
They Say the World Will Die in Fire and Ice, Thief,
Thirty-Nine Steps, The, Tomb of Dracula, The,
Toofy's Nutty Nightmare, Treasure Island, Urban,
Use Your Loaf, Vampir II, Vampire Vengeance,
Well Of Zol, The, White Feather Cloak, The, Whodunnit,
Why is the World Round Anyway ...?, Winter Term, Witch Hunt,
Witch Hunter, The, Wudang, Zen Quest and Zoo Hero!!.

Gerard Sweeney
Hackers Anonymous/Team Amiga

Only seventeen, when all your dreams came true
But all you wanted was someone to undress you
(Pandora's Box. OMD)
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