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Duncan Snowden

Mar 17, 2022, 11:11:40 AM3/17/22
I know this joint isn't exactly jumping these days, so maybe this has
been noted elsewhere, but I've just discovered that my cheapo
10-year-old Argos telly can display this (on my recently-revived
toastrack 128, via the RGB output):

10 PAUSE 1 : BORDER 2 : PAUSE 1 : BORDER 6 : GOTO 10

... as a perfect orange border, without any hint of flicker. It's as
good as the gigascreen mode in some emulators. I assume it's because
these things are designed to upscale interlaced TV, but it took me by

Of course, the downside is that with all the processing, and the simple
fact of it being an LCD panel, it *looks* more like an emulator than a
nice CRT monitor would (no scanlines... boooo!). But hey, it's still
pretty cool.

Duncan Snowden.

Blockrockin Pete

Apr 24, 2022, 4:36:34 AM4/24/22
Most digital TVs and TV cards have options to adjust interlacing if you look hard enough. Merging frames this way is referred to as "temporal interlacing". I've tried pointing this out many times over the years to folk who complain that gigascreen is a silly trick that only works in emulators - everyone just ignores it, like they will your attempt to point it out. *shrug*
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