IP32 driver for Tigon3 GbE?

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Wolfram Schubert

Apr 6, 2004, 7:20:31 PM4/6/04
Are there any plans to release a 32bit IRIX driver (O2, IP32) for SGI
Tigon3 based gigabit ethernet cards (from Tezro/Onyx4)? The driver,
which Irix 6.5.2x offers, seems to be IP27, IP30 and IP35-only and
therefore 64bit ELF format. I tried to include (edited irix.sm &
master.c) an if_tg.o (taken from an Octane2 running 6.5.23) in an IP32
kernel, but obviously, autoconfig refuses to accept this 64bit object:

kryten 4# autoconfig -vf
lboot:WARNING:if_tg.o: 64-bit ELF object format is incompatible with ELF
N32 kernel; object ignored

On a O2 with a fresh installed 6.5.23 and the SGI Tigon3 card plugged
in, there is simply no if_tg-driver in /var/sysgen/boot.

It would be really nice to have the possibility to use GbE in a O2+
(e.g. for transferring large video files off the main drive), even when
the driver is officially unsupported.

Thanks for any information!



Apr 13, 2004, 8:36:48 AM4/13/04
It is my understanding that the SGI O2 does not and will not support
any of the Gigabit Ethernet cards that SGI has put out. Now a solution
to what you are trying to do might me to get and additional 10/100mb
Ethernet card and set your system up to utilize both of those.

Email me if you have any questions.


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