Humans and the Cosmic Law of Free choice between Hatred and

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Leo Vuyk

Dec 22, 2008, 4:47:09 AM12/22/08
Humans and the Cosmic Law of Free choice between Hatred and
Forgivingness .

We humans are quantum mechanical systems, who are only able to follow
the quantum mechanical rules of the Universe, which we merely partly
know and understand. Consequently we have to search and innovate
these rules to find out who we are, and how reality can be described
ontologically . Our understanding of the world is restricted by an
ontological gap, between scientific language and reality, therefore
we have to search for a bridge. This thesis is an attempt to describe
possible outlines of that bridge.

It is postulated, that the basic features of the Universe must be of
a type that allows the evolution of dual mirror symmetric, EPR
correlated observers outside the "system", which means that "we and
elementary particles" are always correlated by "instantaneous action
at-a-distance" acting between dual correlated universes. If we take a
Chiral Quantum Mechanical Universe as a "system", then The Universe
that we know is only a half-truth, without a "broken symmetry", and
we should have a mutual observer- and guiding relation with at least
one spatial separated anti-mirror Universe.

Consequently, the so called "superposition- and collapse events" in
the universe are only the half truth, all these events are based
on "instantaneous information flow" called "actions at a distance"
or "Big Bang entanglement " between at least two spatial separated
events in different universes. Even if we measure a collapse event in
the laboratory between "local" related particles in an EPR
experiment, which is also supposed to have an instantaneous non-local
collapse relation, this dual universal "BB entanglement" should be
also present on top of it.

Then I suggest that each elementary particle is instantaneous
observed and/or guided without the time for "reflection", by its
distant shadow anti-particle in our dual anti-mirror Universe. The
difference with human choices is supposed to be, that humans are
equipped with enough time for reflection (retarded EPR correlation or
retarded Big Bang entanglement ) to develop what we call Free Will by
Vetoing urges and intentions (Benjamin Libet), and become aware of
moral differences, and even altruism and forgivingness.

Consequently if this increase in reflection time is related to the
evolutionary increase of complexity of cells, the goal of human
evolution seems to be the creation of moral awareness, made by
animate dual synchronized logic quantum computers with enough time
for "reflection", like our dual synchronized brains.

The Cosmic Law seems to be, that we are only free to VETO our
deterministic urges and intentions and only Free to VETO those urges
based on egoistic or Altruistic awareness. However it is supposed
that we never will be able to prove some kind of relation between our
life after dead and the way we have managed to become "moral aware"
and were able to choose for egoism or altruism, for hatred or
forgivingness, as described in the bible. If we could prove such a
relation, we would not have this RESTRICTED VETOING FREE WILL any

Thus: Descarte's: "I think therefore I am" should change into: "I am
a QM system, which is always non-local instantaneous EPR correlated,
and in competition for Free Will by VETOING the choices of my
opposite anti-I, living in a dual anti-mirror universe, therefore We
are! We are dual co-authors of our common life".

Leo Vuyk.

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