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Workers Compensation Tax

Not one of these taxes existed 100 years ago and our nation was the
most prosperous in the world, had absolutely no national debt, had the
largest middle class in the world and Mom could stay home to raise the
kids and be a homemaker.


<!This article approaches a subject that needs a lot of public
discussion. When a group's religious views can influence world-wide
and peace, they become a matter of interest to us all. These are the
people who support war in the Mid East.

In this sentence -- the author sums it up well. &lt;gj &gt;

&quot;....And in a strange sense, war is kinda good and peace is kinda bad
-- since war is a sign that the end is near and peace on earth is a
sign of the Antichrist. Any Christian who doesnA?t agree with all this
is deceived at best and a heretic at worst....&quot;


Troubling Worldview of the 'Rapture-Ready' Christian
</style><img src="">
by Bill Barnwell

When the subject of the &quot;end-times&quot; comes up, many Christians and
non-Christians donA?t want to talk about it. Some Christians, annoyed
with all the competing theories and terminology just say, &quot;What
difference does it make? Jesus is coming back and I just need to be
ready.&quot; Non-Christians just assume that since Christianity isnA?t true,
then the whole issue doesnA?t matter. Well, actually, it does matter. I
will submit that the popular doctrines of the Left Behind series pose
very real threats not only to Christianity, but also to the wider

continued at --

<!Hello Everyone,

I have posted once in a while to all of these groups over the years.
Not a whole lot, but once in a while. Some of you might remember me,
others not.

Anyway, I caught a quick headline on the news last night about
&quot;Evangelical Climate Initiative&quot;, where they said that the Evanelists
got together and decided something to the effect of &quot;God made the earth
and it was a sin to pollute and destroy the earth, and we need to do
something about the greenhouse gasses and climate change.&quot; That was
all the news really had to say.

So I said, that sounds like the Christians are coming around to the way
the old religions have been thinking for years (Hellinic Paganism,
Asatru, Wiccan, Druidism, Celtic Paganism, Native American or First
Nation Shamanism, or any of the other spiritual paths along these


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