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Electrons are real cutting machines. (Video)

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Leo Vuyk

Dec 16, 2008, 12:22:49 PM12/16/08
Electrons are real cutting machines. (Video)

Video of Rigid Electron and Positron particle PROPELLERS with dual
rotation (left and right hand spin and axial rotation).

The video camera is moving in vertical direction along the blue axes.

The interaction with the colliding oscillating Higgs particles and the
resulting gluons-photons are not shown.


Fermions are compared with high speed Higgs cutting machines.

It is not too hard to imagine that such Fermion propellers are
propelled by colliding ring shaped oscillating Higgs particles
oscillating inside the super dense Higgs vacuum lattice.

It is assumed that after each collision, the Higgs particle is
transformed into one Gluon or Photon.

What the shape of the resulting Gluon Photon will be is dependent of
the collision angle with the Fermion and the relative speed
differences.(such as for x-ray production inside electron

Leo Vuyk. Video production: Bob Turner (UK)

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