Series 7 IR port not usable

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May 13, 2004, 10:49:13 PM5/13/04
My Series 7 won't communicate with my Nokia 8210 or Laptop through the
IR connection. Both the phone and laptop talk to each other so their
respective IR ports and software work. When I try to send SMS in the
email app from S7 to Nokia, message is: "could not send any SMS
messages. In use". I have: 1. Closed all applications. 2. Turned off
all connectivity options that use IR. 3. Soft reboot. 4. Hard reset.
5. upgraded OS to ver. 756. 6. Tried different phone settings and baud
rates. All No result.

I tried using the Comms app. But I am unable to type anything at the
screen promt (the cursor just blinks). Is this normal? I wonder
whether the Comms app could be the problem. The machine was given to
me after having never been used since new about 2 years ago.

How can I test if the infra red hardware is working or this is a
software glitch?


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