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Problems on Gemini (Android) with email accounts

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Alexander Ausserstorfer

Aug 25, 2018, 11:43:35 AM8/25/18
Is there a special usenet group for the Gemini? I couldn't find any yet.

I have an issue with email here. I use the freemailer Eclipso. With
several software I cannot fetch my emails on the Gemini from there
(Gmail, K9...). While configuring the account the software says 'wrong
passwort' or 'user name' but both are right. I can use webmail or the
software from Eclipso for Android but then I have to work online. It
seems to me that this is only happen on my machine and not on other
devices running Android because some people tried it from their devices
(not on a Gemini) with success.


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