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Amstrad PenPad press launch?

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John Henry McAleely

Mar 19, 1993, 7:43:31 AM3/19/93

Hi there,

A freind of mine was walking past the science museum here in London
and noticed signs up for the press launch of the Amstrad Penpad.
Does anyone have any more information about this machine/event?
Was it just an announcement of a product in 6 or so months time or was
a machine on display? Given Amstrads past history this could be a very
interesting machine at the (presumably) low end of the market.


John McAleely

BTW I will summarise any e-mail I recieve.


John Henry McAleely

Mar 23, 1993, 12:50:36 PM3/23/93


Since my last posting a thread has started up on comp.sys.palmtops, for anyone
interested in this machine. After I had posted I got the chance to read the
papers (The Times) and to my surprise there was a short article about the PenPad
and even an advert from Amstrad! The advert said the PenPad will be on show
at CeBit Hannover and so if anyone sees one, could they post a report please?

The specs I recieved by email from Sandy Wise <>
(Thanks) are:

>This is summarized from the ClariNet/Newbytes release (I can't sent it
>to you... ClariNet is understandably very protective of their
>To ship "in May". UKP 299.
>240 x 320 lcd display
>3 custom processors
>~100K ram
>PCMCIA slot
>Serial port
>Calculator, address book, datebook, notes capability built in.
>Handwriting recognition is huristic. When you first use it, you must
>teach it your alphabet...
>Add on cards: fax, spreadsheet, WP, forms, city info, and dictionary.
>40 hours on 3 AA batteries.
>Built in china

It certainly sound an interesting machine, esp at the price Amstrad want :-)

John McAleely

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