"Best" eBook reader with linux support?

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Feb 23, 2004, 4:32:25 PM2/23/04
On Sat, 21 Feb 2004 10:45:48 -0500, Gwen Morse <gold...@geocities.com>

>I presently have a Palm IIIx and I'd like to upgrade to a newer model.
>I use my Palm solely as an eBook reader.
>I'm looking for:
>1) More RAM (the more memory, the more books I can store in it :)).

Yep. 64MB is _very_ nice.

>2) The option to insert rechargable batteries that allow the unit to
>charge in the cradle. I don't want one with a built-in battery, as I
>occasionally take transPacific flights and I want to be able to swap
>batteries during the flight.

Alternate solution: Get a PDA with an external recharger which takes AAs. I
did this for my last three PDAs and the ability to reload the recharger
with over-the-counter, getemanywhere AAs is excellent. Now, when I travel,
I just take AAs instead of charger bricks. $15 typically for these.

*Much* cheaper than the extra price of a device which was designed around a
swappable battery, like my Samsung SPH-i300 or the -i330.

>3) IR syncing would be nice, but, not 'necessary'.

Everything has it nowadays.

>4) Able to sync under Linux as well as Windows. I presently use
>Kpilot, but, I'll switch if necessary.
>It doesn't have to be Palm brand, and I'd actually prefer another
>brand if I can pay less.
>Realistically, what I want is something optimized for reading eBooks
>(good B&W screen,

Now, this is not a valid assumption.
I've seen the best of the B&W screens, and color screens *are* better, even
than the best of the Clie B&W screens.

>lots of RAM

Add a cheap (and they are getting cheap) SD card to *any* PDA with a SD/MMC
slot, and readers which will read e-books from the card. I use several
readers, as I get books in multiple formats, and use
PalmReaderPro 2.2.6r
MobiPocket 4.7
TiBR 1.35
and QED for books I'm editiing.

>minimal focus on "other" features like playing MP3s or wireless or
>other expensive add-ons, efficient battery life).

For efficient battery life, I went with what may seem a counterintuitive
choice; the Palm Tungsten W. Because it was designed as a celfon (a feature
I do not use), it has a huge honkin' internal battery, which gives me over
12 hours of constant e-book reading before I have to apply the external
recharger. Just don't turn on the celfon section, and it keeps going and
going and going....

Nice big screen, too, and because it is suboptimal as a PalmPhone, there
are lots out there used as folks move up to Treo 600s. The Universal
Connectior means adding peripherals, _if_ you need them, does not require
getting a new Palm.

I got mine for $280 used off comp.sys.palmtops.pilot, but now I see them
going on eBay for $200 (e.g., item 3079148324, among many others).

If you do wish to use it for e-mail, or as a cellphone, you can. Most of
those are 'subsidy locked' to ATT Wireless; mine came from Canada, and as
the unlocked 'International Edition', so I can use it with any GSM
provider; just pop in a SIM card, and it's ready as a cellphone and for
SMS, and can be programmed for web access. But, that was not my intent in
getting it, and I use it mostly as any other Palm.
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