Planning to sell my extensive NeXT collection

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Gerben Wierda

May 30, 2010, 4:31:53 PM5/30/10
I am planning to sell my collection with a lot of rare NeXT items. I am
still busy documenting and looking at all of it before putting it up for
sale, but that takes time.

So, in the meantime, if someone is seriously interested, I can already
be contacted (email).

The collection contains:
- NeXTdimension Turbo Cube (PAL) 64MB RAM, 2GB disk, 48MB RAM on ND Board
- Singular Solutions A/D Converter (still a good professional A/D converter)
- 2 B&W Monitor
- 1 21" Color Monitor (Hitachi, broken, probably just power supply)
- NeXT CD-ROM Player
- Lots of other hardware and software
- Lots and lots of documentation, books, etc. including NeXTWorld
Magazines and much more

Given that the ND Turbo Machine alone already goes for around �2000 (and
prices have been going up for rare items), I am setting the minimum
price at �6000 ex transport.

The collection is located 16km from Aachen, Germany

Gerben Wierda

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