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Feb 9, 1997, 3:00:00 AM2/9/97

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A new dawn of marketing products and services is upon the
horizon. "Internet Marketing" is coming of age. When Gutenberg
first invented the printing press and mass produced the Bible, mass
communication in its embroyonic stages was born. Gutenberg started
what we know today as the entrepreneurial information age and many
entrepreneurs have reaped the financial and personal rewards it gives.

However, just how can the "home based" budding entrepreneur take
advantage of this phenomenon and reap the rewards like the big boys
are doing all of the time?

First you need a "business plan" to identify your goals and know
"what exactly" you want to accomplish. However, just one single
business plan may not be enough to generate the business income
you are seeking. I have personally used up to "five" business plans
in electronic marketing to accomplish my financial goals.

How to Maximize Your Home Based Profits With 5 Distinct
Business Plans

Internet marketing is much like conventional marketing except it
has many more capabilities to it and it can be run very easily from
home. "Internet marketing" can encompass electronic mediums

1. Bulk e.mail

2. On Line Classifieds ( Compuserve, Prodigy, AOL)

3. Bulleting Board Services

4. News Groups

5. Web Page Advertising

Each medium has it's own distinct marketing advantages which
include using electronic magazine companies, bulk e.mail,
and free and low cost classifieds on the hundreads of web sites
all over the world.

In the event you don't have a product or service to market on
the internet,there are companies that will help you get started.
Instead of initially investing thousands of dollars in research,
inventory and time, you can contract with one of these companies
to help you out temporarily at no charge. This is a great way for
a budding entrepreneur to get started in the billion dollar information
providing market without the large capital outlay.

This method of marketing gives you time and money to create
your own products or services so that you become the "prime source".

Strange as it may seem, the home based "income opportunity"
business is strewn with pitfalls if one doesn't know "what exactly"
to watch out for. The big boys in the industry have held a closely
guarded secret for many years and inturn it has made them very
wealthy. Now for the first time, you can discover this secret to
protect yourself from"spinning your wheels" and inturn reap some
of the financial rewards.

About the Author:

If you are looking for a genuine home based opportunity with internet
marketing applications, then connect up with Bob Clarke. He has
published a newly revised version of " The Complete Internet Business
Starter Kit " .

A "free" electronic report on this work is available by sending
any e.mail to the author's auto responder at:

The report will be in your e.mail box in 30 seconds or so! Then
simply print out the information and you will be on your way to
financial independence and free to live life.

Good Luck!!

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