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Mark Ferguson

Jan 4, 2005, 2:29:23 PM1/4/05
did not reinforce those prejudices and which
did not kowtow to those totems.

A certain amount of blame for the unholy feminist-homosexualist axis (my
gut instinct informs me) fairly attaches itself to Gore Vidal and his --
as I discussed earlier -- pioneering view that everyone is bisexual by
nature and that what is perceived to be --homosexuality-- or
--heterosexuality-- are the --luck of the draw-- results of what
behaviourists (good voodoo professionals all) define as --imprinting--.
That is (now, promise you won't laugh), that the natural instinct which
impels a newly-hatched duckling to identify the first large, moving
shape it sees as --mother-- is the same instinct which leads us to our
initial sexual experiences and, thus, leads us to believe that we are
--homosexualists-- or --heterosexualists--.

There, but for the grace of Barbi Benton's 1969 Playboy pictorial, go I
(as it were).

Now, whether this notion of --interchangability as norm-- originated
with the homosexualists, the feminists or (as I say) Gore Vidal, it
found in the 1960s and 70s nutrient-rich soil in which to further itself
as a Large Societal Misapprehension. But, whereas Mr

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