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mountd problem and UMIPS 4_52B2

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Andy Jamieson

Jan 5, 1995, 6:21:52 AM1/5/95
Hi All

O/S: UMIPS 4_52B2
Mips: RS3330

There has been a problem with the mountd process on this system for quite a
while. 'mountd' registers itself with the portmapper and will function for
a few seconds then 'rpcinfo' reports the program is not available. The 'mountd'
process does continue to run, and remains registered. After restarting the
mountd process it re-registers fine, but in the messages errors report that

camel mountd[14203]: couldn't register MOUNTPROG
inetd[8703]: /usr/etc/rpc.mountd: exit status 0x100

I have already installed a patch for the rpc.mountd as supplied by SGI but
the condition still remains. I would be grateful for any help.

Post to group or E-Mail and I'll summarise.

Thank You

Andy Jamieson, Spider Systems, Stanwell |
Street, Edinburgh EH6 5NG, Scotland |

Jonathan Chen

Jan 5, 1995, 2:42:28 PM1/5/95
In <3egkog$> (Andy Jamieson) writes:


> camel mountd[14203]: couldn't register MOUNTPROG
> inetd[8703]: /usr/etc/rpc.mountd: exit status 0x100

Check your netmask. When we fixed that, these troublesome messages stopped
coming up on our console during boot.
| Jonathan Chen <> | #include <std/disclaimer> |

Andy Jamieson

Jan 9, 1995, 5:30:09 AM1/9/95
In article <3ehi34$>,

Unfortunately our netmask and networking is set up properly. When rpc.mountd
is started it is registered with the portmapper, (verified using 'rpcinfo -pv')
and when 'rpcinfo -t host 100005 1' is typed the host will respond correctly
but after a period of approx 15 seconds the RPC times out and the portmapper
reports the program is not available and mount requests are rejected. The
rpc.mountd process keeps running but seems to have gone into a coma. Got
rpc.mountd for 5.01 and compiled for 4.52 but same response was received,
(portmapper problem ?, but other progs respond).

Anybody with any other ideas, this is driving me up the wall(d).


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