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RISCwindows 3.10 clients

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David Osborne

Apr 17, 1990, 4:20:30 AM4/17/90
We have the latest release of RISCwindows but I'm puzzled that, once
again, two fundamental core clients are missing, namely xedit and
xman, particularly as vol III of the reference manual includes their
manual pages! While it's fun to have things like xrn, xman is perhaps
of more use -- certainly more than xmh, which needs the MH package.
I couldn't understand why xedit & xman were missing from the 3.0
release, either... is there a reason for their continued absence?

Imake would be useful for developers, too (or for those who build xedit
and xman from the MIT sources to supplement the RISCwindows release :-)

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