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Mar 1, 2005, 10:44:28 AM3/1/05
I have copied all my music CD's to my LaCie (firewire) which is
connected to my Mac G5 at home. I would like to use my iPod Photo as a
hardrive to move my music and photos to my PC at my cottage. I don't
have FW ports on my PC, otherwise I would just transfer the MP3s and
photos from the external drive. I have installed the iPod PC software
from the CD provided with the iPod Photo - but when I connect the iPod
to the PC - it wants to re-format the iPod. Is there a way around
this? Software/hardware or work-around? It took me days to dump my
CD's onto the external and I don't want to waste my holiday time doing
this again. My family should be able to enjoy our music at the cottage
while I am not there with the iPod. I would also like to use the iPod
as a HD in order to transfer my "Job-files" from the office to home
without having to re-format the iPod. I purchased the iPod as a
business tool as well for my own entertainment. I hope I did't make a
mistake on this purchase - because I was under the impression that
this can in fact be used a hard-drive.

Alan Zisman

Mar 1, 2005, 6:57:27 PM3/1/05
In article <>, (denise) wrote:

Here's the thing... Macs have the ability to read/write to PC drives
(FAT16 and FAT32 to be technical)... Windows systems do not have the
ability to read/write to Mac-formatted drives, unless you purchase
3rd-party software to add that ability.

(You may want to check out the free Gemulator Explorer:

The interface is not great shakes-- but it MAY allow you to read your
Mac-formatted iPod as a drive on your PC).

Lacking software on your PC to read/write to Mac drives, the best bet is
to allow the PC to reformat the iPod (yes, you'll lose whatever's on it
now-- so make sure that's backed up before you do this).

Then, it will still be usable with your Mac (though a bit slower),
allowing you to transfer files between the two systems.

Or add Firewire to your PC (it can be done quickly, easily, and cheaply
in most cases)...

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Byron Cooper

Mar 10, 2005, 4:32:07 PM3/10/05
There are a variety of third party programs that will allow you to copy the
contents of your IPOD to the PC, unlike ITUNES. Anapod Explorer, for
example. has some downloads. The LeCie drive is
normally formatted for MAC. The current model allows you to reformat it to
NTSC so you can share it between you PC and MAC. The problem is that you
will lose your data if you do that. Is your ITUNES music library small
enough to go on a DVD? Can you partition your hard drive, if not, then move
the ITUNES file to the NTSC drive? I know you can buy cables that will
connect the MAC to the PC for data migration. When I bought my MAC, I bought
a "PC to MAC" program with the cable for $50. Apple would have done it for
free. /maybe the genius bar people can help with the software and hardware
to do that.
"denise" <> wrote in message


Mar 27, 2005, 8:23:57 PM3/27/05

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