Bonehead With Disk Driver Problem Seeks HELP!

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Dale M Greer

Jan 21, 1995, 1:38:37 AM1/21/95
Oh, what a bonehead I feel like!

I installed System 7.5 on my secondary drive at work, but when I rebooted it,
an error message said something like "System 7.5 won't run on this drive." So,
I thought, maybe it needs a driver like the one the guy in the next office has,
since his Mac runs 7.5. I went and got his driver installer, and ran it, and
now I can't access the drive!

More details. If I boot with the second drive on, it gets this weird,
flickering text in the middle of the screen saying "SCSI connection lost", part
way through the INIT launching process. If I boot with the second drive off,
and then mount it with SCSI Probe, it seems to come up just fine, with all the
icons, and with the windows as they were when this debacle started.

But when I then try to access it, by double-clicking on a document, for
example, or by trying to reinstall the old driver, I get that same, flickering
"SCSI connection lost" message, and a system lockup.

Now, it turns out that, unbeknownst to me, the previous user had installed More
Disk Space, by Alysis, so everything on the disk is compressed using driver
level compression (I think). I think what happened was that the new driver I
installed was compressed as well, and now that the old driver is no longer
there to decompress it, it flakes out royally. I found a utility by MicroNet
that is able to read blocks from the disk and write to it, I guess by bypassing
the SCSI driver, so I know there must be a way to get access to my data again.

Any ideas on how to correct my boneheaded mistake? And, no, the disk was not
backed up - another piece of boneheadery.


Dale Greer,
"I'm tryin' ta think, but nutt'n happens!" - Curly

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