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Edward Rice

Oct 18, 1991, 8:23:39 PM10/18/91
kr> I am looking for a person with a login of jjstephen but I have
kr> no idea of what college he is located. His full name is
kr> John Stephen. I would appreciate it if anyone knows of his
kr> email address.
kr> Please email me if anyone knows of his email... Thanks
kr> Please send replies to :

Keith R. Cochran -- FYI, the above message was disseminated to several tens of
thousands of users, all over the world. I looked over, under, and behind my
own computer, here in Reston, Virginia, and there's no sign of anybody named
"jjstephen." I'll ask my neighbors to check in their closets, too.

This reminds me (I'm sorry -- I'm not mad at you and I'm not flaming, I'm just
kind of amused!) of a joke about a supermarket in Cambridge, Mass (where they
MAY have run into jjstephens). The checkout clerk at one of the express lines
looked up to see a student-age person unloading a large basket full of stuff --
far more than the limited number of items permitted in that line. Snapping her
gum, she looked the student squarely in the eye and said, "Are you from MIT and
can't read, or Harvard, and can't count?"

Good luck finding jjstephen.

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