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iTunes plug-in

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Alexander Galkin

Apr 12, 2004, 7:34:30 PM4/12/04
I am very experienced Windows C++ developer but have no knowledge of Mac. We
need to port Windows based code that talks to an MP3 player device as iTunes
plug-in on Mac. Where can I get SDK for developing iTunes device plug-in on
Mac? Are there any sample plug-ins with source code available? Our MP3
device is a USB Mass Storage device. In our Windows code we use SCSI
commands to get the device unique hardware ID from the device USB interface,
determine if the device is connected and get its mounted drive letter so we
can copy files on it using standard file system API. How can we do all this
on Mac? We do have CodeWarrior IDE to build apps for Mac OS X. Any help
would be greatly appreciated.

Jim Witte

Apr 13, 2004, 12:55:01 AM4/13/04
>He asked for device plugins, not visual plugins. I don't know what the story on
>that is, but I am pretty sure that the information is not freely available. I
>believe the right answer is to sign up for a developer program and contact ADC.

The Device SDK is only available on NDA basis. I know a person who
managed to develop a plugin for the Apple Newton (!) under iTunes 2 for
MacOS9, but he had a "friend on the iTunes team".. Nothing has come out
for OSX, so either he hasn't had time, or Apple doesn't want it done.
I've heard that Apple is quite 'picky' (right word?) about who they allow
access to the Device API..


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