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Eric Edwards

Jul 2, 2003, 12:26:18 PM7/2/03

I am trying to write a PlugIn for Netscape. I have downloaded the SDK from
the Netscape Site. I now have the following questions that I can't seem to
find answer to and was wondering if anyone could help.

1. I am using CodeWarrior 8.3 (the latest I think), but the projects in the
SDK are for an older version. I convert them ok, but I am confused as to what
to make the Plug-In, e.g. Shared Lib, Application etc. This setting doesn't
seem to convert properly. Does anyone know what it should be?

2. I am confused over the STR# 128 resource. The plugIn needs to be called
when a JPEG image has arrived from the server, in this case what should I set
the strings to?

Thanks in advance from your help


Jul 7, 2003, 4:22:46 PM7/7/03
1. You should build a bundle package, you can leave HFS creator as
"????" and set Type to "BRPL"

2. For the STR# 128 resource, you can set the first field to
"application/x-jpg" (<- this seems to be just a naming convention) and
the 2nd field to "jpg" <- this must match your file extension.
Note that in your embed tag, "type" must match the first string.

hope this helps.

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