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MacApp and OSA

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UserLand Software, Dave Winer,PRT

Apr 28, 1993, 9:41:17 AM4/28/93
Ken Ryall:

I saw a copy of your message posted on Developer Talk...

1. What program are you wiring up?

2. This will make your program work with Frontier as well as AppleScript. The
politically correct way of saying this is that you're supporting Apple Events,
not AppleScript. There is an Open Scripting Architecture. For what it's worth.

3. Are you willing to share your work with other MacApp developers? We know a
few that are waiting for something to happen in MacAppLand before going ahead.
Sounds like you've done an excellent job.



KR Software, Ken Ryall,PAS

Apr 29, 1993, 11:07:06 AM4/29/93

I'm working on a couple apps: Office Tracker, a networked In/Out board, and
Things To Do!, a workgroup to-do list manager. Both are based on MacApp 3.0.1
and both are scriptable and recordable. Office Tracker has been on the market
for a couple months, and we're trying to get the new scriptable version out
next week. Things To Do is in development for a late summer release.

I hereby remind everyone that Frontier is a great scripting tool. I kept
referring to AppleScript support because there are so many terms (IAC, PPC,
AppleEvents, Object Modal, AppleScript, OSA etc.) bouncing among developers. I
wish that there was a easy way to say how much support an app provides. There
is such a huge difference between support for the required events and good
scripting-recording-terminology support that I think developers, reviewers, and
customers may be confused for a while.

I'd be happy to share my work in an appropriate fashion. I think scripting i
the coolest thing to hit the Mac OS in a long time and I try to spread the word
whenever possible. I've done some consulting where I go in with the code and
talk about OSA etc, but I'd like to do something more general. The MADA folks
have asked me for an article and code for a FrameWorks disk, but other
commitments have prevented me from finishing this. Right now, it looks like I
won't be done until after the WWDC.

Ken Ryall

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