[OT] CPU chips for new Macs ;-)

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Aug 11, 2014, 2:51:58 AM8/11/14

Forget the Intel and their pathetic Dual-core chips for iMac and Mac
laptops or the measly 12-cores in the PowerMac ... let's have these in
the next Macs ... ;-)

IBM makes neurosynaptic chip with 4,096 cores
IBM's first production-scale 'brain' chip has 5.4 billion
transistors and took a decade to develop.

The human brain can process information much more quickly
and efficiently than a regular silicon chip - so IBM has
created a powerful chip that works like a brain.

The SyNAPSE chip is the first production-scale
neurosynaptic chip, and features 5.4 billion transistors
and 4,096 cores.

That represents one million programmable neurons, with
256 programmable synapses, capable of processing 46
billion synaptic operators per second per watt. Although
these are very large numbers, the SyNAPSE requires only
70mW to run, which IBM says is "orders of magnitude less
power than a modern microprocessor".

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