Driver for DSC 2770 USB Camera

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Martin Cox

Feb 1, 2004, 5:09:31 PM2/1/04
I obtained a very cheap, nameless, very simple little USB digital
camera. iPhoto and Image Capture refuse to recognise its existence

Anyway, the Windows drivers refer to it as a DSC 2770 which I believe
is a fairly popular chip set for small cheap (crap) digi cams.

I've tried Macam but it does not support this type of camera. I've
tried a couple of other USB drivers off of VersionTracker (mostly
IOXpert) without any luck.

Does a Mac OS X (10.3) driver exist anywhere for these things?

Although it was dirt cheap and I'm not expecting much it'd be nice if
I could get it to work.

Thanks :)


May 10, 2004, 4:25:33 AM5/10/04
try this website: .... you will ba able to
download a driver from there. there are only drivers fro 10.2 but works
with 10.3 ... i have, and my dsc2770 now works with iphoto ... good luck

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