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ANNOUNCEMENT: The Mac Orchard - Contribute your Mac 'Net app reviews.

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Drew D. Saur

Dec 17, 1995, 3:00:00 AM12/17/95
To all,

I have just finished assembling a new page of essential Macintosh links.
It's called the Mac Orchard:


I'm making a generalized announcement to many of the Mac newsgroups
because The Mac Orchard contains a set of pages dedicated to *describing
and reviewing the most popular and important Macintosh Internet
applications.* This all started as a small project for the ISP I do Mac
consulting for (Spectra.Net), but it turned out much larger than I ever
could have expected.

I've put together the pages, but since I can't possibly use every one of
these applications, I want to make this a place where the *Mac community*
can contribute its thoughts about the applications it hates or loves. I
would like anyone who can to contribute concise reviews for use in The Mac
Orchard. You will be credited by name only, but your gift to the Mac
Internet community will never be forgotten. Sounds schmaltzy, but it's

I have many plans for these pages; I hope to see them grow over the coming
months. Where it all goes is dependent upon how much contribution you send
me. I'm all ears.

Please visit the MacOrchard, and contribute your reviews!

Thanks to all,

Drew D. Saur

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