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Favorite Desktop Tweeks

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Aug 3, 2013, 12:05:43 AM8/3/13
I'm curious as to what "desktop tweeks" others are using. Here are mine….

Docker - which allows one to choose from a number of menu appearances
in case you are not, as I am, particularly happy with Apple's default.

Menu Eclipse 2 - which allows the menu bar to be hidden when not in
use, something I find pleasing as the continuously visible, to me,
conflicts with my desktop background.

MenuEverywhere - which allows you to bring up the menu without you
having to go up to the top of the screen, particularly useful with
large screens.

MouseLocaterAgent - which helps you to locate the mouse, again quite
useful when one has a very large display.

So, I'd be interested in what others might find as part of their daily
computing experience.
James Leo Ryan - Austin, Texas


Aug 3, 2013, 2:01:48 AM8/3/13
In article <>,
One big one for me was the simple act of disabling the caps lock key:

In the keyboard prefs, click the 'Modifier Keys' button, and change the
Caps Lock pull down menu to 'No Action'. Of course it can be reactivated
just as easily, but couldn't imagine anyone ever actually doing so.

The free 'Tinker Tool' app offers a host of interesting tweaks as well.

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Aug 6, 2013, 3:27:01 PM8/6/13
TaliesinSoft <> wrote:

> I'm curious as to what "desktop tweeks" others are using. Here are mine….

M favourite is "PresenterMate".

It disappears ALL of the icons on the desktop and allows me to see my
beautiful desktop images.

It sits in the top menubar and I can reinstate them all with a click.

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