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Michael Dautermann

Oct 9, 1994, 8:09:25 PM10/9/94

Hello y'all...

A user sent "ques...@mac.archive.umich.edu" some questions about
the game Zork which I couldn't answer, having not played the game
too much. How about any of you out there?

Reply to clin...@mhs.unc.edu, if possible....


Date: Fri, 7 Oct 94 13:38:18 -0400
From: "Cline, Monique" <clin...@mhs.unc.edu>
To: michael.d...@umich.edu (michael.dautermann)
Subject: Re: Zork 2.7 (or Dungeon)

That's great! Thanks Mike!

Here go the questions:

1. Does anyone know of a hint file for Dungeon (Zork 2.7) on the
Internet? If so, where?

2. How do the bell, book and candle work in Hell? Or do they?

3. How do I get down the coal mine and back?

4. Is there a way to get into the Volcano from the bottom?

5. Do I need the shovel? If so, where do I dig. (I've tried several
places to no avail).

6. Do I need to open the steel door off the thief's room?

7. In the "whirring room" if you go north it says you can hear a whir
but can see no entrance. Is there a hidden entrance?

Mike, I think that's it. Just have 'em e-mail me at my address.

Thanks so much for your help. I *really* appreciate it!!!
Monique A. Cline

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Michael Dautermann - U-M Alumni calling in from way out there...

Greg Johnson

Oct 10, 1994, 2:39:30 PM10/10/94

I'd also be interested in the answers to these questions about Zork.


Tyler Berry

Oct 12, 1994, 12:29:36 PM10/12/94
Bell, book and candle in the deep pits of Hell... Ring the bell. Light
the candles. Read the black book... (Hello, sailor!)

Coal Mine... Take in the lantern and the ivory torch. Lower the torch
in the basket, and make sure and bring a screwdriver. Put it the basket,
too. Take the lamp through the gasroom and drop it at the entrance to
the drafty room. Put a lump of coal in the machine, use the screwdriver
on the 5/8 in. slot and turn... (Don't go through gasroom with an open

The place to use the shovel... Go over Aragain falls (Look at that name
carefully, then remember what happened to the guy who jumped into
Niagra) And into the sandy cave. Dig four times (Not more or you'll
regret it) and take the treasure.

You're welcome.

Tyler Berry


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