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Dec 1, 1996, 3:00:00 AM12/1/96

Does anyone have Stand-Alone Grouch for Mac? If so, please email it
to me at I have searched everywhere
and can't find it.

In the Read Me for The Grouch 2.5B3 by Eric Shapiro it says:

There are now two versions of "The Grouch":
"The Grouch" - a System Extension (version 2.5 B3)
"Stand-Alone Grouch" - an Application (version 2.5 B2)

The Extension version of "The Grouch" plays an animation every time
"Empty Trash" is selected from the Finder's "Special" menu. This
version must be placed into your System Folder (or Extensions folder
under System 7) and you must "Restart" your system for it to work.

The Application version was created after several parents informed
me that their children liked "The Grouch" so much they threw out all
of the files on their hard disks. This version is child-proof as
far as I can tell since it is completely self-contained. It does
not modify the Finder and draws the animation in a window instead of
on the desktop. It does not require the Extension to be present.



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