Re: If Apple can permanently lock your hardware for not logging into it - why can't Microsoft do it too?

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Andy Burnelli

Feb 22, 2022, 12:44:14 AMFeb 22
rabidR04CH wrote:

>> How does Boot Camp work on the latest M1 TSMC-Silicon Apple CPUs, nospam?
> Good question. Virtualization would be the obvious requirement this time
> around.

Hi rabidroach,

It was a rhetorical question for nospam because I knew he was either
completely ignorant or that he was lying to you the whole time.

I am highly educated so these strange iKooks interest me because I never met
anyone in the flesh like them in all my decades at Silicon Valley startups.

What I've learned is that they get their self worth from Apple marketing
cues, which means that any fact that they don't like, they _hate_, because
it detracts from their self worth.

They even gloat that Apple has earned huge amounts of money off of them,
where the obvious fact glares out you can't make that kind of profit off of
an intelligent user base, now can you.

They deny that Apple has the lowest R&D expenditures in all of high tech,
even as Apple doesn't deny that fact (it goes way back to Steve Jobs' days).

They deny that the iPhone is crippled in that they fabricate endless mising
functionality that, in the end, I believe they lie to protect their self

Since I've never met anyone in the flesh like them (they couldn't pass even
a basic college class being wrong most of the time for example), I study

1. All of them, to a man, lack formal education (of this there is no doubt)
2. All of them, to a man, get their self worth from Apple advertising
3. All of them, to a man, will defend everything Apple does - to the death

All that is fine because a lot of people are ignorant who fall for marketing
tricks such as "Apple Silicon" (it's TSMC-Silicon) where at least Intel
makes the chip and the silicon for "Intel Inside" even as you _never_ hear
Windows people gloating about "Intel Inside" advertising slogans.

And yet, these iKooks gloat over "TSMC-Inside" slogans from Apple?
What on earth is so _different_ about these iKooks?

I think it's simply they're ignorant.
Which is why I asked nospam the rhetorical question about Boot Camp.

I knew what he either doesn't know, or he knew, and lied.
Either way, he was assuming _you_ were too stupid to catch it.

I am not.
Hence, they _hate_ me.

And that's OK.
Apple is all MARKETING and the lowest R&D in all of high tech.

Andy Burnelli

Feb 27, 2022, 11:04:01 AMFeb 27
nospam wrote:

>> Apple can and does disable your device for any reason Apple chooses.
> no they very definitely do not, nor can they.

Adults will notice iKooks brazenly deny all that they _hate_ about Apple.

Even facts Apple itself doesn't deny (Apple does it all day, every day).

One has to ask _why_ iKooks don't know _anything_ about their beloved Apple?
a. All iKooks are uneducated (none have a college degree - not even one!)
b. All iKooks are of low IQ (you can tell by their lack of comprehension)
c. And yet, iKooks are incredibly confident in their almost total ignorance.

The fact is that Apple can and does unilaterally disable your iOS device.

The iKooks brazenly outright deny all facts that they _hate_ about Apple.
They're like a fifth-grade ignorant bully told Santa Claus isn't real.
My point isn't that iKooks are undeducated or that they're of low IQ, but
_because_ they're those things, they own strong imaginary belief systems.

Andy Burnelli

Feb 28, 2022, 10:28:56 AMFeb 28
Jacob Jones wrote:

>> If it were criminal to force a login into the iCloud, they'd be sued.
> You aren't foced to login to the iCloud.

This post is for adults as it contains adult content.

The iKook nospam is wrong again.
1. The iKooks only do exactly what Apple tells them to do
2. So the iKooks have no idea what Apple does when you don't
3. I _know_ what Apple does because I _tested_ what Apple will do

On two separate iPads, what Apple did was consistent.

A. If you don't log in to the iCloud, Apple will _force_ you to log into it.
B. If you _still_ don't log into the iCloud, Apple will lock you out.
C. If you try to unlock using VPN, Apple will disable the device.

Adults will notice I provided proof and I described the sequence.
Adults will notice the iKooks like nospam provide nothing but denials.

The fact is that Apple locks you out of your own device if you break out of
the walled garden. There is no question of that fact (as I already proved).

The question is whether or not Microsoft will do the same.
I don't care that iKooks are uneducated & of low IQ & low self esteem, but
_because_ of those things, they are ignorant of what Apple actually does.


Feb 28, 2022, 10:37:03 AMFeb 28
In article <svipnk$49o$>, Andy Burnelli
<> wrote:

> This post is for adults as it contains adult content.

you're posting adult content to a group you claim is full of children??

Andy Burnelli

Feb 28, 2022, 11:04:48 AMFeb 28
nospam wrote:

>> This post is for adults as it contains adult content.
> you're posting adult content to a group you claim is full of children??

I'm going to respond as an adult providing astute erudite observations...

1. For decades, most people have noticed Apple aficionados are different
2. But most people think it's because Apple products are different
3. But it's not due to that.

That's a critically important adult observation indeed.
It's the other way around.

A. It's the iKooks who are different.
B. Apple MARKETING (admittedly brilliantly) caters to impressionable people
C. The iKooks are simply the most extreme of the typical Apple consumer

a. Low self esteem
b. Low IQ
c. No education

a. Believe _everything_ Apple MARKETING (rather astutely) feeds them
b. Defends everything Apple does, to the death, no matter what
c. Deny all facts about Apple they simply happen to not like

As a result...
a. iKooks own a purely imaginary belief system devoid of actual facts
b. Which, as a result, is extremely fragile since facts are _dangerous_
c. Because the iKook belief systems are instantly _destroyed_ by facts

These rather strange iKooks are completely _different_ from normal people.

A simple example is iKooks very often exalt over Apple's profit margin.
a. What Linux or Windows or Android user exalts over M$ or Google profits?
b. No adult claims M$ or Google profits are because they're great companies
c. Only the iKooks claim that the profits prove Apple makes great products

Another simple example is iKooks fall for every Apple marketing trick
a. What Samsung user falls for the "it's courageous" headphone jack loss?
b. No adult claims Samsung is great when Samsung removes the boxed charger
c. Only the iKooks mirror "it's courageous" & "it's for the kids" marketing

Yet another simple example is the Apple Silicon slogans iKooks love to quote
a. What Microsoft user endlessly gloats over the "Intel Inside" stickers?
b. No adult claims their PC is revolutionary because Intel made the silicon.
c. Only iKooks claim TSMC Silicon is Apple Silicon when it's _clearly_ not

Yet another example is Apple feeds the iKooks that iPhones are private
a. What Android user believes _anything_ that Google claims?
b. No adult claims their phone is private just because MARKETING said so
c. Only iKooks claim the iPhone is private when it's not even close
(just one example of many is TOR privacy is impossible on iOS)

In the main, the difference between Adults and iKooks is this:
a. Adults don't as easily fall for blatant MARKETING tricks
b. The iKooks do (hook, line, and sinker)

Only the iKooks fall for every (admittedly clever) MARKETING trick in the
book, which is _why_ Apple has such ungodly profit margins after all.

Not because Apple makes good products.
But because Apple makes good MARKETING.

Note that nobody in all of high tech has a _lower_ R&D budget than does
Apple (and nobody has a higher MARKETING budget in all of high tech).

We proved long ago there is no app functionality on iOS that isn't already
on Android (usually a five year old Android has it) and yet there is plenty
of app functionality on the cheapest Android never on the expensive iPhone.

Examples are automatic call recording and the ability to change launchers.

This is NOT because of hardware differences, which are only slight (save for
the lack of key expansion capabilities in Apple hardware) but that's minor.

The reason iOS is crippled is not due to the hardware being crippled.
It's due to Apple crippling apps the user can install from the App Store.
(Examples are mock location, tor privacy, graphical debugging, etc.)

Most people don't get this important adult observation:
A. It's not the lack of hardware which is why Apple devices are crippled
B. It's the developer MARKET isn't allowed to provide the functionality

Apple can and does cripple the available functionality; Google & MS can't.

End result:
Apple could not make those obscene profit margins off of intelligent people.
I don't care that iKooks are uneducated & of low IQ & low self esteem, but
_because_ of those things, they are ignorant of what Apple actually does.

Even then I don't care exept when iKooks brazenly deny what no adult would.
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