How to stop pop-up windows in IE 5.x

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PA jamma man

Jan 10, 2002, 8:10:52 PM1/10/02

I've been trying to find a way to disable pop-up windows in Internet
Explorer 5 on my mac. There seems to be a number of apps that do this
in the Windows world, but I can't find anything for the mac.

Pop-up windows used to be just an minor irritation, but with more and
more sites using them (like Yahoo - the jerks, and Dotster - my domain
register, unfortunately), they've become a major PITA!

Any help greatly appreciated.


seth -at- pilcrow -dot- org

Jerry Kindall

Jan 11, 2002, 1:45:12 AM1/11/02
In article <>, PA jamma
man <> wrote:

Use IE's Security Zones to turn off JavaScript for Yahoo, Dotster, etc.
Here's how.

1) Open IE's Preferences
2) Select Security Zone panel
3) Choose Restricted Sites Zone from the pop-up menu at the top
4) Click Custom radio button
5) Click Settings button
6) In dialog that appears, scroll down to the bottom and set
Execute Scripts to Disable; same for Execute Scriptlets
(note: might want to check the other settings to make sure they
are what you like)
7) Click OK to return to Preferences
8) Click Add Sites to open the site list for the zone
9) Click Add and enter the URL of the offending site, then click OK
(note: * seems to work as a wildcard hostname, try *
Repeat step 9 to add more non-JavaScript sites
10) When done adding sites click OK to return to Preferences
11) Click OK in Preferences and enjoy pop-up free surfing

It's not 100% perfect but it eliminates a lot of them.

Another option is Mozilla 0.97, it has a preference to block all pop-up
windows you don't explicitly open. If you have Mac OS X, OmniWeb has a
similar preference. I think iCab does too, but IMHO it's not finished
enough to be someone's main browser.

Jerry Kindall, Seattle, WA


Jan 11, 2002, 2:15:48 PM1/11/02
On Fri, 11 Jan 2002 1:45:12 -0500, Jerry Kindall wrote
(in message <100120022245118224%jerryk...@nospam.invalid>):

What a great tip!


PA jamma man

Jan 11, 2002, 5:04:12 PM1/11/02
Jerry Kindall <jerryk...@nospam.invalid> wrote in message news:<100120022245118224%jerryk...@nospam.invalid>...

Thank you Jerry! Works like a charm. Somehow I never wandered into the
Security section of the preferences.

Incidentally, I also tried WebWasher, the one such utility I
eventually found for the Mac. It works, but it seems to slow
everything down and was a little crashy. Your solution is certainly
the way to go.

Thanks again,

seth -at- pilcrow -dot- org

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