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Mar 3, 2022, 3:56:01 PMMar 3
I am having a problem with doubletwist. Songs, artwork and whole albums are disappearing from my half-full 128gb SD card. Everything works fine on it on my Galaxy and it stores all my apps and data. But I cant update it on my Mojave 2016 MBP from iTunes because when I plug the card into my MBP, it has suddenly started demanding what it calls "initialisation"!

I am VERY reluctant to screw with it for fear everything will stop working on it. Is there anything safe which I can do to "initialise" it or to let it update (?) from Doubletwist to the newer "doubleTwist Classic Player alpha" (assuming doubleTwist Classic Player alpha IS an update of doubleTwist?)


Mar 3, 2022, 5:27:14 PMMar 3
Don't take a risk without having backups of everything within its reach.

I never heard of Doubletwist before, but
"the software imported multiple duplicates of nearly every song in our
library, despite the fact they currently only live in one folder."

I remember someone once posted about losing a "bootleg" music collection
when they let it pass through iTunes for whatever reason. All gone,
replaced with standard album releases of the same songs.


Mar 3, 2022, 5:33:47 PMMar 3
yes, I also heard that urban myth about DRM replacing bootleg songs with supposedly legal versions, but I didn't believe it! The other story sounds like someone who didnt know what they were doing who didnt realise they had kept importing libraries when they didnt realise that the libraries had already downloaded.


Mar 3, 2022, 5:36:37 PMMar 3
In article <svrfbt$d17$>, corvid <b...@ckb.ird> wrote:

> I remember someone once posted about losing a "bootleg" music collection
> when they let it pass through iTunes for whatever reason. All gone,
> replaced with standard album releases of the same songs.

the reason is because that's what the user told itunes to do, most
likely as part of itunes match, a service they not only have to
activate, but also pay for.

itunes match will match existing songs in the user's library with ones
in apple's catalogue and *optionally* replace them with higher quality
versions, if the user chooses to do so.

it does not (nor cannot) happen randomly.

tl;dr - user error.


Mar 3, 2022, 10:02:38 PMMar 3
yes, that makes sense. entirely not random

Jolly Roger

Mar 4, 2022, 2:32:01 PMMar 4
As a longtime subscriber to iTunes Match, I can confirm this from
first-hand experience. iTunes Match is an optional and opt-in service
that costs $24.99 per year.

When a song in your library is matched with Apple's music catalog, you
have the *option* (it's completely optional and opt-in) of deleting your
own song from your own library on your device, and can download a
high-quality DRM-free version of the matched song from Apple's online
catalog - this whole process is a *manual* process.

What's really cool about it is: Apple doesn't care where your local songs
come from - they could be crappy MP3s downloaded from literally anywhere
- and you can replace them with pristine high-quality DRM-free versions
from Apple's catalog to keep forever with no additional surcharge, even
if you eventually cancel your iTunes Match subscription.

iTunes Match also makes your entire music library available for
on-demand streaming on all of your devices, which means you no longer
have to copy your music library to each of your devices or keep it
updated on them, which saves you time and tons of storage space on your
devices - space that those song files would otherwise occupy.

It all works great and is well worth the cheap $2/month fee, IMHO.

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Mar 4, 2022, 4:43:52 PMMar 4
Wow! I thought that posting about it here might only wake up that
childish and nauseating troll (not saying it”s Andy Burnelli, and not
saying it isn’t).

Jolly Roger

Mar 5, 2022, 9:03:06 AMMar 5
I suspect you just jinxed this thread... ; /
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