Help needed with M-Audio piano keyboard

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Mar 12, 2008, 5:22:42 PM3/12/08

I'm trying to get my M-Audio piano keyboard to work on my G5 Dual with
10.3.9. I bought the keyboard a couple of years ago, couldn't make it
work, so set it aside. Now I'm making another stab at seeing if I can
get this "plug-and-play" device to make a sound.

Paraphrasing the user guide, I'm instructed to connect the keyboard to
a USB port with the cable (done!). In MacOSX, SIMPLY move the power
switch to the "ON" position (done!) and the unit will work without any
further installation (uh oh!).

The procedure does not work. I get no sounds at all out of the
keyboard. My speakers are on and working, so there must be something
between the user guide's instructions and the speaker system that needs
to be discovered.

Any suggestions?

Clever Monkey

Mar 12, 2008, 5:37:04 PM3/12/08
Which M-Audio/Midiman keyboard or controller?

Probably, all you did is add a Midi interface to the computer. That is,
this keyboard-looking thing is probably not a synth, but is merely a
midi-compatible controller that midi-capable systems and software can
work with. It will send and route midi signals to devices on the midi
network, but unless there is something present on that network that
knows it is to interpret these signals and make the correct noise, then
all you are doing is sending data around.

Assuming that the system Midi setup is correct (see below) now you need
an application that understands midi and can intercept those.

Do you have Garage Band, Reason or similar app that does this?
VersionTracker should have a boatload of "soft synths" and similar
midi-aware apps you can try.

The Midi setup app in Utilities can be used to check if the device is
working at all. You can test things so it at least lights up an
indicator when the controller is manipulated. I seem to recall it also
loads up the cheesy default midi patches so you should be able to hear
those if you twiddle the keys.

I recall there is an Audio Units util in Utilities somewhere which might
also be able to work as a soft synth to test with. I'm not 100% sure
about that one.
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Mar 12, 2008, 6:42:52 PM3/12/08
In article <fr9ifr$mk$>, Clever Monkey
<> wrote:

> Which M-Audio/Midiman keyboard or controller?

Keystation 49e

> Do you have Garage Band...

It's A...L...I...V...E...!

That was easy. I don't know why it didn't work before in Garageband,
but it's working fine now. I'm glad you pushed me back to Garageband
for another try.

I'm already making a song. Here 'tis to far...

Dah dah dee dee dah dah dee dum.

Pretty neat, eh? Maybe it'll be better when I learn how to play and
then add some words. Okay, so I need to learn to write lyrics, too.

Thanks for the help. You're so... um, clever :-)

Jeffrey Goldberg

Mar 12, 2008, 10:50:41 PM3/12/08
In <>, GeeFive wrote:

> That was easy. I don't know why it didn't work before in Garageband,
> but it's working fine now.

I have found that with my daughter's The USB cable needs to go directly to
the iMac. If I plug it into a powered USB hub it isn't seen.


Jeffrey Goldberg
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