PSA Freeware to forward Android 10+ audio over Wi-Fi to mirror & stream sound onto your PC

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Andy Burnelli

Jul 20, 2022, 3:25:00 PMJul 20
PSA Freeware to forward your Android smartphone sound to your PC over Wi-Fi

For years, people have desired a platform independent solution for
mirroring your smartphone and forwarding your audio to the PC speakers

This works in conjunction with scrcpy which mirrors the Android GUI
to share your PC keyboard, mouse, monitor & clipboard with Android.

Both work on macOS, Linux, and Windows, with Android 10+ over Wi-Fi
(no USB needed)

Sndcpy streaming of Android audio onto the PC requires VLC on the PC.
The PC audio is independent of the audio playing on the Android hardware.

Note: While the installation & use instructions are incredibly simple,
I am unable to get the FOSS NewPipe YouTube to stream the audio
over onto my PC's speakers.

If you need this functionality, and if you test it out (it takes only
a minute to set up), please let the rest of us know how it works for you.

Additional references are:
Posted out of the goodness of my heart to disseminate useful information
(and, perhaps, to find someone else to test it out & let us know results).
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