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internet Gopher: a distributed campus-wide information system

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Gopher Development Team

Oct 7, 1991, 1:52:23 PM10/7/91
The internet Gopher protocol and software is designed to implement
a distributed campus wide (or Internet wide for that matter)
information retrieval system.

Folks with information to publish can run Gopher servers
(implementations are available for UNIX boxes and Macs).

Users wishing to access the servers can use client software
available for UNIX (simple curses based client and a NeXT client),
Macs (using MacTCP), and DOS boxes.

Index servers are also available for generic UNIX boxes and NeXT boxes
(the latter takes advantage of NeXT digital librarian index
capability); these can provide full-text indexing of documents on the
distributed system.

We are working on connecting our Gopher system to the WAIS system.

Interested folks can try out the curses based UNIX client via telnet to


All the gopher client and server software is available for anonymous FTP from

in directory

Please direct questions, problems, feedback or bug reports to the
development team at

There is a mailing list "gopher-news" where we announce bug fixes or
new versions of gopher software; to subscribe send e-mail to:

- The internet Gopher development team.

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