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BBEdit - free text editor

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Rich Siegel

Apr 12, 1992, 3:19:13 AM4/12/92
[ FTPable from most sites and to appear in comp.binaries.mac
[ soon. Support your local FreeWare author!! ;-)

This is the first public release of BBEdit, which is a free text editor
that has been under development and extensive in-house testing for the
past two years.

BBEdit is 32-bit clean, compatible with any Macintosh running system version
6.0 or later, and when running under System 7.0, takes specific advantage
of new features to enhance performance and appearance.

BBEdit is also very economical with respect to disk and memory usage; it will
run in a partition as small as 256K. The size of any file is only limited
by the amount of memory available in BBEdit's partition; there is no 32K
upper bound.

BBEdit offers fast and flexible multi-file search and replace capabilities;
under System 7, it can also use On Location 2.0 as a searching engine. Grep
pattern-matching is available for single- or multi-file searches.

BBEdit may be freely distributed, subject to the conditions specified in
the "Read Me" file, which is part of the distribution archive.

Rich Siegel Internet:
Software Engineer, Quickdraw Group
GCC Technologies

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