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Re: New 0ptout?

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Jan 4, 2005, 2:13:07 PM1/4/05
-- both physical and verbal -- are --old hat-- and part of a
discredited --patriarchal model--: that discipline, in any form, is
synonymous with abuse. To me, taking it as a given that reason cannot
prevail in any argument with emotion, there must come a point -- with
women and children -- where verbal discipline has to be asserted, and if
verbal discipline proves insufficient, that physical discipline be
introduced. Women and children have soft, cushy buttocks which are,
nonetheless, shot through with reasonably sensitive nerve endings.

I believe that those buttocks are there for a very specific purpose
intended by their Creator.

There is no good reason that a man should not listen to misguided,
fairy-tale vocalizations and unsound, emotion-based twaddle-and-nonsense
for however long it amuses or interests him to do so or for however long
seems to him politic and/or chivalrous (standards will vary).


When the point does arrive when the amusement value has exhausted itself
or good manners and chivalry have been stretched to their limit,
--That's enough,-- spoken firmly, distinctly and above a conversational
tone -- with women and children -- should be sufficient. If it proves

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