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PR - Overview of WWDC Announcements, from MACWAY 753

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Jay Riley

May 15, 1997, 3:00:00 AM5/15/97

Date: Wed, 14 May 97 14:07:51 -0700
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Subject: PR - Overview of WWDC Announcements
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Apple PR

WWDC Sees Apple Lay Out Future Technology Strategy

Rhapsody OS Given First Public Showing; Conference Key Milestone in
Apple's Return to Industry Prominence

WWDC, SAN JOSE, Calif.--May 13, 1997--Apple Computer Inc.'s annual
Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), San Jose Convention Center, May
13-16, sees Apple lay out its future technology strategy. Throughout the
four day conference Apple will give its software and hardware developers
an in depth look at what to expect from the Company in operating systems,
hardware, interactive media technologies, and Internet/Enterprise
technologies. The conference will be the stage for the first public
showing of an early version of Rhapsody, the code name for Apple's next
generation operating system.

A keynote presentation from Apple Computer, Inc. Chairman and CEO, Dr.
Gilbert F. Amelio set the scene for the four day conference, outlining
how software and hardware developers will have a key role in regaining
momentum for the Mac OS platform.

Major announcements from Apple at WWDC include:

New Development Platform
Apple outlined a radical software development strategy for Rhapsody, its
next generation operating system. By utilizing the "Yellow Box"
Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), software developers will now
be able to deploy their applications on a wide range of operating systems
including Rhapsody, Mac OS, Rhapsody for Intel, Windows 95 and Windows
NT. By making the Yellow Box programming environment cross platform
Apple believes it can attract new software developers to the Rhapsody and
Mac OS platforms and expand the business opportunities for current Mac OS
and OPENSTEP developers.

Mac OS 8 On the Way
At the conference Apple demonstrated Mac OS 8, a significant upgrade to
Mac OS, scheduled for release in July 1997. Apple announced Apple also
announced that Mac OS 8 is expected to include both Microsoft Internet
Explorer and Netscape Navigator for the first time. Mac OS 8 will
provide a more responsive user interface with a multi-threaded,
PowerPC-native Finder; integrated Internet services, and improved
installation and configuration features.

OPENSTEP Enterprise 4.2
Apple announced an update to OPENSTEP Enterprise, version 4.2. The new
product includes support for deployment of Windows 95 clients for the
first time. OPENSTEP Enterprise 4.2 is an object oriented development
environment running on Windows NT that allows developers to assemble,
integrate and deploy dynamic business applications across the enterprise
on a variety of Operating Systems. OPENSTEP Enterprise 4.2 allows
developers to create applications that can easily be updated to respond
to changing user needs in the enterprise. Apple also announced
aggressive pricing for the developer version of OPENSTEP Enterprise, now
available for U.S. $1,499.

Apple announced that its WebObjects technology will be included in the
Yellow Box, the code name for its cross platform next generation
application development environment. The inclusion of WebObjects
Frameworks in the Yellow Box provides an HTML interface to objects,
enabling developers to easily create dynamic Web based applications.
Apple also announced a new tiered pricing structure for WebObjects
Enterprise that includes aggressive pricing based on access by
workgroups, divisions and unlimited users. Apple expects both these
announcements to increase the market penetration of WebObjects

New PowerBook
Apple latest hardware product, PowerBook 2400c, was given one of its
first public showing at WWDC. The result of a manufacturing alliance
with IBM Japan, plans for the product were first disclosed at last year's
Worldwide Developers Conference. Targeting the needs of mobile
professionals who require lightweight, yet powerful portable computing
solutions, the Macintosh PowerBook 2400c is the smallest, lightest
system running the Mac OS today. The PowerBook 2400c weighs just 4.4
pounds, yet offers a powerful 180MHz PowerPC processor and a full range
of built-in ports for easy network connectivity. The product is expected
to be available in Japan by the end of May, with availability in the US
expected by the end of July. The estimated retail price for the PowerBook
2400c is expected to be approximately U.S. $3,500.

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