C library for Amiga

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Paul Edwards

Nov 7, 2021, 4:21:45 PM11/7/21

I have a C library for multiple platforms, most recently
the Amiga.

For the Amiga it works with both vbcc and gcc.

The library is public domain which means you can link it
into your executables without needing to follow any
license conditions.

The library is for C90 only - I don't want any extensions.

There are two things missing because of their dependence
on 68000 assembler which I don't know.

1. setjmp and longjmp need to save and restore registers.

2. When vbcc does a 68000 compile instead of 68020 it
needs some support functions for divide.

The source file that needs to be updated is here:


Is anyone interested in contributing public domain code
to add any of this missing functionality? It doesn't need to
be tested - that can be done as a separate exercise - but
I do need you to specifically say you are releasing the code
to the public domain.

Thanks. Paul.
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