Compaq LTE 5000, win95

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Anne K. Ritchie

Sep 15, 1996, 3:00:00 AM9/15/96

I just got an LTE 5000 from the Compaq Works store and really
like it, but have a few questions for anyone who might be able to

1) are there any known problems I should watch for (a la Aero
clutch problem)?

2) one time, when it was plugged in to AC, it wouldn't boot after
having been shut down under low battery power. I tried removing
the battery and waiting a while, but that didn't work, so I put
it back in my briefcase. It worked fine when I got home. Go
figure. It also has trouble shutting down under battery power.
The no boot problem has only happened once (yesterday). The no
shutdown has happened 3 times, but I couldn't reproduce it this

3) I notice the screen tends to flex near the bottom right
corner. Has anyone's screen failed in this area? Are there any
connectors in that part of the hinge that tend to get fried?

4) the stick-thingy is as godawful as the rest of them. IBM's
eraser heads seem more abrasive (thus easier to hang onto). Can
any eraser head replace these? Has anyone tried some sort of
stickum on one?

5) this is more of a Win95 question, but it's also laptop-
specific. Is there a mouse driver/theme/scheme for win95 that
will display the cursor in inverse colors (like the MS Ballpoint
Mouse driver for 3.1)? I have a hell of a time finding the mouse
sometimes, especially when running a virtual desktop.

6) has anyone installed linux on one of these? I'd like to get
an extra hard drive (there's an empty case in the box just
waiting for me to get one) and try it.

7) The thing shipped with no manual. I had to call Compaq Works
just to get a Win95 serial number. It was an emergency purchase
(I toasted my Canon in the middle of a huge project), and I
haven't made it back there to pick up the manual and very-
expensive-hologram. Is there anything useful in there I need to
know? I'm hoping to get up there over lunch sometime this week,
but can make a special trip if I can justify it to my boss that
it's important.

On that same note, the guy wouldn't let me look at the machine in
the store. Said he coldn't open the box in the store. I already
knew what it looked like, so it was no big deal at the time. Do
other refurbished factory outlet stores do this? I know Compaq
Works has terrible security problems (they don't call that
neighborhood gunspoint, I mean Greenspoint, for nothing), but it
seems kind of strange.

Thanks in advance

Anne K. Ritchie Houstonian. Texan. American. Netizen.
My opinions are my own . . .
and I'll share them if I damn well want to.

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