Can't handle the Power in your hands! [Model 90 planar power connector]

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Louis Ohland

Oct 13, 2021, 9:25:54 PMOct 13
Molex - 3.96mm (.156") Pitch Single-Sided Edge Connector Housing
International Single-Sided PC Edge Connector Housing for Crimp Terminals

Single-Sided Edge - Connector Crimp Terminals, 1797 / 4295

I haven't verified the wire lead sizes yet, the Molex specs call for
18-20 AWG, with an insulation diameter of 1.52/3.05 (.060/.110), yet at
least one wire is clearly marked "16 AWG". Dug up my Starrett 799, will
get some measurements on Thor's Day. The wires are marked "105 C" which
is good.

Bifurcated contact is also referred to as "split pin"

Louis Ohland

Oct 14, 2021, 9:22:14 AMOct 14
In case you all don't know, MAJ Tom has suggested a clone PSU with
enough power and a reasonable close fit to the original Model 90 PSU
might be re-plugged and shoehorned into a Model 90.

As of right now, I think the Molex KK series of crimp on terminals MIGHT
work as well. More research needed.

So, my gender-bender, heart's in a blender fantasy is to findt a PSU
with suitable outputs, dimensions, and fan / vent / AC socket locations,
clip off the ATX plugs, crimp on the correct terminals, then re-pin the
original edge connector.

Warning, Wil Robinson! Warning! The current production EdgeMate Card
Edge connectors are polarized! You might be able to cut the rib out,
but... It looks like the original card edge connector is available.

Louis Ohland

Oct 14, 2021, 2:27:35 PMOct 14
Insulation diameter for all Model 90 planar power connector wires is
0.093", all are 16 AWG, my guess looking at UL 1430 standard is it has
19 interior wires, each 0.0117" in diameter. 1430 refers to irradiated
wiring [XLPVC], which is quite resistant to shrinking from soldering.
Good stuff.

Walsin Lihwa made most of the wires, but I can't get any product data on
"No. 344006", which appears on different colored wires.
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