IBM Deskstar won't boot of CDROM

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Kyle Bowerman

Mar 26, 2003, 10:41:54 PM3/26/03
I have two hard drives on mobile racks (drive sleds) One is an IBM deskstar
120G (IC35L120AVVA07) and the other is a WD.

I also have a Toshiba CD-Rom in the Primary Slave postion.

When I boot with the IBM drive in the primary master and have the CDROM in
the boot sequence before IDE 0 I get "Searching for Boot Record on CDROM.."
and then nothing. I does not matter if I have the WD in the seconday
master or not.

Both drives are jumpered as Master (and the IBM works fine when it is
booted) The IBM is set to the 16 head option no 32 clip

I know the cdrom and boot disks are fine becuase a cdom will boot as long as
the IBM is not in the primary Master. I can even boot of the cdrom with no
hard drive in at all.

My Bios detects the drives not problem.

I know this worked at one time becuase I installed a OS on this drive.

I have scoured usenet for weeks and have not found anything that helps. I
have turned on/off SMART and every possible thing I can think of with no

The mb is a msi kt33 Ultra with promise ata raid (disabled) and the bios is
amibios 3.31a for what it is worth but I am sure that the problem is the
hard drive becuase it only occurs when it is in primary master.

If anyone can shed some light I would appreacte it.


Mar 26, 2003, 11:43:33 PM3/26/03
Set the drive to 15 head option on cable select.

It should look like this


See if that helps..

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Mar 27, 2003, 1:54:10 AM3/27/03
It's a Hitachi if recent manufacture. IBM moved their drive operation
into Hitachi's lap. Last IBM drives I bought were 6/8/10/12gig, awhile
ago. I'd probably exhaust the HD drive jumper block combinations - MA
no slave, MA slave - just to see it error on the second, as well as CS
if present on the CD unit. That way I'd know there's no possible
combination that will work. Then check Toshiba for a EPROM/driver
revision update, though they're usually for wider recognition of the
latest disk brand releases. I doubt Toshiba drivers will help, nor
flashing your MB bios for a revision that might. I recently put in
matched 48x24x24 Liteons, but never mixed channels. Run primary HDs
and secondary CDs, though I know some don't.

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Kyle Bowerman

Mar 26, 2003, 11:49:31 PM3/26/03
Do I need to change the number in bios too? Will that reduce my capacity?

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