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Oct 12, 2018, 7:54:28 PM10/12/18
Le vendredi 13 mars 1998 09:00:00 UTC+1, Techno Toys a écrit :
> If you want to use swirling arpeggios, quirky melodies, or pounding basslines
> in your nusic, there's no better instrument than an analog sequencer. Yet
> these babies are rare, expensive, prone to breakdown, and hard to use in a
> MIDI-based system. What's a poor synthesist to do?
> That's why we wrote Seq-303. This program brings the power of an analog
> sequencer to any Windows 95 or NT-based MIDI system. Here's what some
> satisfied Seq-303 users have to say:
> "What a completely and utterly brilliant bit of software. We used it on
> Electric Barbarella... It will be on the next album."
> - Mark Tinley, UK, programmer for Duran Duran
> "It works fantastically with the Nord (Modular). I use it to write 303-808-
> 909 style patterns, complete with 303 slide. And all of my real-time tweaks
> to the sliders on screen during playback are recorded into a MIDI file which
> I export to Cubase for editing. I often impress my Acid-techno junkie friends
> by writing classic techno tunes real-time before their very eyes."
> - Casey Stongle, USA
> "I have to say that this is one of the finest sequencers I've had the
> pleasure to use. It is priceless in my studio... I use it along with Cakewalk
> and I love it to death. Thanks for such a cool piece of software."
> - Humberto Cruz, USA
> "Your Seq-303 does the job - it's the ultimate techno tool. I'm hooked... It
> is also a killer to make a hi-hat come alive with the variation in the
> velocity, but the function that really blew my mind is the reverb on each
> step! That's innovation."
> - Pierre Gauthier, France
> "Having hung around System-100s, the MC-4, Paia's and the dreaded silver box
> for a while, this is the first program for an aeon that has got me thinking
> that a PC can do something more useful than collect my mail. Thanks."
> - David Harkett, UK
> For more info or to download, come to the Techno Toys web site at
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Oct 12, 2018, 7:55:50 PM10/12/18
HELLO i'm looking for update
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