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Jan 28, 2002, 2:00:48 PM1/28/02
Hi. I have a Quantum SNAP server 1000 (10GB).
This is the story:
Hardrive went crazy. Data lost. I have backup of the data-no problem.
Took the hdd out and tested then formatted FAT? Now 10GB=2GB
Put the HDD back now SNAP is dead !!!! kinda
It boots, I reset the settings(manual)
I can't access it trough Assist, nor ping it. On the router I got the
connection light but not on the SNAP.
I think it had some sort of OS on the HDD and I erased it. Can I fixit
somehow? (don't tell me to send it to Quantum-it's not worth that much).
Tell me what do I need (I can find pretty much all on the internet).

Eric Sanders

Feb 7, 2002, 3:54:10 AM2/7/02
Yes, the original disk contains critical system data; there are two
partitions on the snap 1000 disk, one for your data and the other for
system data. I finally upgraded my 15Gb to a 60Gb, but one step was to
use a unix machine to dd the entire 15Gb to the 60Gb, and then have the
snap reinit the data partition (from the hidden web page).

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Feb 10, 2002, 9:57:51 PM2/10/02
I RMA back to quantum... They will fix it somehow (it's still under
warranty). However I'm interested in how you ug your disk to a bigger hdd.
Can you please post more info? I don't have a Unix machine avail and I have
no idea what is dd... will a ghost work ?
"Eric Sanders" <e72172....@no.spam> wrote in message

Eric Sanders

Feb 11, 2002, 2:25:04 AM2/11/02
I guess the first thing is to look at the hidden web page (Snap's tech
support revealed this to me when I had a problem with another snap
system), http://yourserver/config/debug. From this web page, called the
command prompt, type "?" in the command text entry field to get a
listing of all the available commands in the Snap system. The two
commands I used were: "config devices info", to get the partition device
numbers, and "config devices format 10000 /reinit", to reformat the data
partition which the snap server thought was a 15Gb partition, but became
the full 60Gb of the new disk after a reboot and the reinit format.

dd is a tool on any unix machine (OS X, Linux, FreeBSD, etc.) which will
simply copy data from one file device to another, where the device can
be either a entire disk, just a single partition on a disk, or a file. I
used dd kinda like how Ghost images one entire disk to a second disk,
but I am not sure if Ghost will recognize the snap disks. In my case, I
copied every bit from the original snap 15Gb disk to my brand new 60Gb
disk. I then stuck the 60Gb disk into the Snap 1000, and started the
snap server. It liked the 60Gb disk, but it still thought my 60Gb disk
was the orginal 15Gb disk with 15Gb of total disk space (the snap
partition tables had not changed to reflect the increased disk space). I
went to the normal web screen to try and reformat the disk, but my 60Gb
disk would only appear as the orginal 15Gb disk. That is, until I played
around with the debug area of the web site and issued the two commands
in the first paragraph.

I have been kinda excited about the success of the upgrade since it took
me about three weeks of playing around with the 1000 and searching the
Internet. Needless to say I only found one article, about a 2000
upgrade, which was no help to the 1000. I will probably play around more
with the upgrade process to see it there is another way.


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Feb 11, 2002, 6:10:15 PM2/11/02
Hmmm interesting.......
I will try to change the hdd as soon as I get the replacement. That will be
in a week or so probably. I will post if it worked or no. Thanks again for
the info. If you have more nasty info you can drop me an email -> splitskull

"Eric Sanders" <e72172....@no.spam> wrote in message


Feb 19, 2002, 9:48:38 PM2/19/02
I hope you will read this. I got my snap back. It has a 15GB disk in it. I
have a 20GB disk (5GB is a good improvement for me anyway) that I'm trying
to make it work in the SNAP.So here is how it goes:
1-boot the SNAP and goto ip/config/debug page
2-config devices unmount
3-unplug original hdd and plug the new hdd
4-config devices mount. Mucho activity goes on. When it stops I check with
info devices and it tells me the private os is mounted (and ok). the other
partition is still unmounted.
5-config devices config individual 10000 it tells me ok please unmount/mount
all devices. I go config devices unmount and config devices mount. Now disk
goes crazy again (formating). It formats 15GB (like the original hdd space)
and tells me ok. Disk status is ok. disk log has no problems.
6-i reboot SNAP
7-no go ! system and disk lights flashing insync about 1/sec.
8-i'm going crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Any ideas what else to try? I got a copy of config/debug/? but I can't
figure out all those commands

"Splitskull" <> wrote in message


Jan 7, 2005, 10:02:33 PM1/7/05


Jan 7, 2005, 10:03:41 PM1/7/05

Does anyone have a copy of the new snap os 4.0? if you do pleas email
and met me know. I have a couple of questions

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