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FD controller question

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Marlboro Man

Apr 11, 1993, 12:50:19 AM4/11/93
I am looking for a way to access the floppy drive at the I/O level, that
is, lower than the BIOS. Given the port assignments, what controller
chip/spec sheet do I need info on? My floppy is a 1.44M, and I would
also like to be able to write code that works on 360K disks as well.
Also, with the method of access, is it possible to actually read the
individual bytes on the track as they stream into the controller? I'm
afraid the sector handling is done purely through hardware.

If on the off chance I can get this basic on the access, anything to
point me in the right direction would help a lot.



Apr 15, 1993, 1:44:33 PM4/15/93
there is a file out there (look for it with archie) that is called
'' which has lots of info on various PC things,
amongst which is also a detailed description of all Floppy controller
commands, I think hard drive controller commands are not there.

it is possible to read an entire track including all gaps, sector
headers etc. by setting sector size to something very large (like


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