CompuAdd Express 325NXL

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Han Lin Goh

Apr 24, 1992, 9:15:25 AM4/24/92
We're thinking of getting two notebooks and the CompuAdd Express 325NXL looks
good for a price of $2095 each. The price includes 4MB RAM, 60MB HD, fax/modem
and a built-in trackball. Does anyone have any experience with this system?
Any horror stories or rave reviews?


Ross Glenn

Apr 26, 1992, 5:30:45 PM4/26/92

This machine looked wonderful to me when I ordered one around 10 February
of this year. At the time, it was the only laptop under $2500 that included
both a trackball and a fax/modem, so I thought it was a great deal.

Apparently it was, because my ship date went from 20 Feb to 1 Mar to
14 Mar to (when I called on 16 Mar and still no laptop) 10 April. They
offered to take $100 off the price and to air ship it free when they had
it. I said no thanks.

So, I would have liked to give you all kinds of useful information
about this laptop... well, on the other hand, maybe I have. <grin>

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