Info wanted for IBM-Monitor 5379 C01

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Michael Diehl

da leggere,
22 nov 1992, 15:45:0622/11/92
I'am (desperately) looking for Information regarding the
19'' monitor mentioned in the subject line.
There are four BNC-Cables going from the monitor to a converter-box,
wich is labeled 5378. Three of the cables cary the RGB-signal.
Information is needed on the fourth cable (must be composite-sync).
The sync frequencies and the polarity of the sync-signal must be kown,
so that I can use the Monitor with my i386-Box.

Any help appreciated, Michael

Michael Diehl | |
Jordanstr. 39 | "Ich moechte nie Mitglied in einem Klub sein, der Leute wie
4000 Duesseldorf| mich als Mitglieder aufnimmt" Groucho Marx

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