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Jim Bickford

Feb 4, 1995, 7:29:41 PM2/4/95
jpetrovs (jpet...@solar.sky.net) wrote:
: Has anyone purchased (is it available?) the 486 to pentium upgrade chip
: from Intel? If so what kind of performance boost can I expect from a
: 486dx2/66? What is the street price? Thanks for your help.

I got the following information straight from Intel's web site:


I hope it helps... Here's my question though... Will the new overdrive
processors work with generic chips such as AMD's? I've been thinking of
buying a computer from CyberMax which includes an AMD chip with a ZIF
socket actually be useful or did they only put it there so they could say
it is pentium ready? I'm guessing that it will since AMD has a virtual
copy of Intel's design.




FOLSOM, Calif., Jan. 23, 1995 -- Intel Corporation today introduced
the fastest member of the OverDrive(TM) processor family, the
Pentium(TM) OverDrive processor. The new CPU upgrade brings Pentium
processor technology to Intel486(TM) CPU-based systems. Based on
Intel's latest 3.3 volt, .6 micron technology, the new Pentium
OverDrive processor features the superscalar architecture, branch
prediction and faster math coprocessor of the Pentium processor, along
with a larger 32K cache, 32-bit bus interface, on-package voltage
regulator and new on-package fan/heatsink. This translates to an
overall system performance boost of as much as 200 percent, depending
on the application and system being upgraded.

The first Pentium OverDrive processor is available now. It upgrades
most 50-MHz IntelSX2(TM), IntelDX2(TM) and 25- MHz Intel486 CPU-based
systems, and operates at 63 MHz. A second version will upgrade 66-MHz
IntelDX2 and 33-MHz Intel486 CPU-based systems. This version, which
will run at 83 MHz, will be available later in the year.

In a separate move, Intel also reduced the prices of current OverDrive
processors. See below for new price listings.

"Users have been eagerly awaiting the Pentium OverDrive processor,"
said Jim Yasso, general manager of Intel's End User Components
Division. "Now it's real, it's shipping, and I'm sure users will agree
it has been worth the wait."

The new Pentium OverDrive processor has an iCOMP(TM)* index of 443,
representing a 92 percent increase over a 50- MHz IntelDX2 CPU-based
system with an iCOMP index of 231.** Users will see a performance
increase across all applications, including multimedia applications.

"Of course the best way to get increased performance is still to buy a
new Pentium processor-based system. But users unable to purchase a new
system can now benefit from the power of Pentium processor technology
in their Intel486 CPU- based system," Yasso said.

The OverDrive Processor Family
There are two other family members -- the IntelDX2 and IntelDX4
OverDrive processors. In 25-MHz Intel486 SX CPU- based systems, these
upgrades boost processor iCOMP index ratings from 100 to 231 and 319,

Pricing and Availability
The Pentium OverDrive processor is available now in a 235-pin package
that will fit in the larger 237-pin (Socket 3) and 238-pin (Socket 2)
sockets The manufacturer suggested list (MSL) price for the new
processor upgrade is $449(U.S.). Pricing for the 83-MHz version will
be available when introduced later in the year.

New, lower MSL prices of other family members are:

100-MHz IntelDX4 OverDrive processor $349 (was $649)
75-MHz IntelDX4 OverDrive processor $299 (was $549)
66-MHz IntelDX2 OverDrive processor $249 (was $299)
50-MHz IntelDX2 OverDrive processor $149 (was $199)

For pricing and availability outside the United States, contact a
regional Intel sales office.

The Pentium OverDrive processor will upgrade most Intel486 systems
with a 237-or 238-pin socket. For information on specific systems,
contact your system manufacturer, local computer dealer/reseller or
check the Intel Upgrade Guide, available by calling 1-800-525-3019.
For additional information about Intel OverDrive processors, or other
Intel products, contact an Intel sales representative or call
1-800-538-3373. For literature, contact the Literature Center at
800-548-4725 in the U.S. and Canada, or write to: Intel Literature,
P.O. Box 7620, Mt. Prospect, IL 60056-7620.

*iCOMP stands for Intel's Comparative Microprocessor Performance Index
and reflects the relative performance of Intel microprocessors. The
higher the iCOMP rating, the greater the performance. For more
information on the iCOMP index, call Intel at 1-800- 628-8686.

**The iCOMP rating of other Intel microprocessors that are upgradable
to the new Pentium OverDrive processor are as follows:

50-MHz IntelSX2 CPU: 180 (a 146% performance increase)
25-MHz Intel486 DX CPU: 122 (a 263% performance increase)
25-MHz Intel486 SX CPU: 100 (a 343% performance increase)

Intel, the world's largest chip maker, is also a leading manufacturer
of personal computer, networking and communications products.



Feb 4, 1995, 4:43:08 PM2/4/95
Has anyone purchased (is it available?) the 486 to pentium upgrade chip
from Intel? If so what kind of performance boost can I expect from a
486dx2/66? What is the street price? Thanks for your help.

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