Everex RAM 8000 (EV-178) - Configuration Utility ?

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Alexander Hofmann

Nov 3, 2012, 2:43:33 PM11/3/12
Hi there.

I hope this is the right group - if not, please tell me.

I've just recently got hands on an Everex RAM 8000 board (EV-178).

I'm planning to use it in a Commodore PC40 system (AT-Compatible with an
Intel 286).

The only document I've found describing the board is located at

I've managed to get the EMM.SYS driver mentioned in the above document,
but it won't find the board and hence refuses to load.

I could not, however, find the "EV178.EXE" configuration utility; as the
board's almost completely configured via an EEPROM and the utility, I
cannot even tell whether it's set to EMS or XMS, 8 or 16bit mode etc.

Does someone still have the config-disk and/or manual lying around?

Any help would be highly appreciated!

Thanks in Advance

Alexander Hofmann
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